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CHIP Program 

Constance Bones, CHIP Program Coordinator
701 North 7th Street
Phone: 913-573-5127
Fax: 913-573-5115
Email: cbones@wycokck.org

Office Hours are Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Community Development Division has recently been apprised of “The Conflict Of Interest Clause” by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), our funding source.

Per HUD’s requirement under CPD 98-9, any applicant that is an employee of a Participating Jurisdiction (PJ) and wish to apply for assistance through a HOME-Assisted Activity, HUD must determine if there is a conflict of interest. The PJ Unified Government (UG) must request an “exception to the conflict of interest” from HUD for the applying applicant’s.

This step may increase the length of an U.G. applicant’s response from the Unified Governments in regards to the applicants request for CHIP funding. Unfortunately at this time the turn around time in receiving a response from HUD is unknown.

The CHIP program is a program that is worthy of a qualified buyers time and effort; therefore if you remain interested in applying for CHIP funding to help assist with the purchase of your home, review, shop, and choose a lender from the participating lenders to continue the application process.

If you have additional concerns regarding the conflict of interest clause, please feel free to contact Wilba Miller at 913-573-5100.

The concern with "The Conflict of Interest" only applies to individuals who are employees of the Unified Government. If you are not a Unified Government employee, Notice: CPD 98-9 does not apply to you.

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