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State Ave. & Village West Pkwy Interchange


The preferred design for a new State Avenue and Village West interchange was presented at an open house on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. The single point urban interchange (SPUI) design was selected as the preferred option based on public input and because engineers found it to be the best balance between cost and performance. In particular, the preferred SPUI design offers the following features:

  • Village West Parkway traffic will be controlled by one signalized intersection beneath the bridge, allowing traffic to move more efficiently than a two signal design
  • State Avenue traffic will move freely (no traffic signal) over Village West Parkway
  • The SPUI has a smaller footprint than many other interchange designs, which means less impact on adjacent property owners
  • This concept realigns the ramp to I-435/I-70 in order to maximize the distance cars have to "weave" or switch lanes as they enter and exit the interchange, which increases safety
  • This SPUI design is also upgradable in that it allows for another eastbound bridge over Village West Parkway to be added in the future, if the area's growth supports it

Two preliminary aesthetic options were also shown at the open house. The responses to both concepts were favorable. The aesthetic options will be further refined in the next stages of design, and the Unified Government will make a decision based on all of the public input received. Images of the design concept and the aesthetic options can be found by downloading the display boards and open house handout below.

This project is only funded through final design. The Unified Government is working to identify construction funding. Having the interchange plans "shovel ready" will allow the Unified Government to take advantage of any future funding opportunities.

Public comments will be accepted through Tuesday, May 21, 2013. A comment form can be downloaded below and emailed to

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