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The Unified Government Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and snow removal for approximately 1,700 center lane miles of roadway. The city follows guidelines to provide the most effective and efficient snow removal operation possible.

The preparation of materials (salt and sand) and the maintenance of vehicles and other snow removal equipment are essential in the overall operation. Crews prepare well in advance of upcoming storms to provide the best possible service for their residents. The pretreatment of bridges and overpasses may also be done preparation of an upcoming storm.

Crews then begin by plowing/treating primary “hot” routes and continue with collector “secondary” routes to allow residents the safest passage to work, school or other destinations. Once those streets have been completed then crews will begin plowing/treating neighborhood routes. Depending on severity and timing of the storms, it may be necessary for crews to address the “hot” and “secondary” routes more than once before beginning neighborhoods.

The department works to keep 65 trucks on the roads removing snow around the clock during storms. Crews work 16-hour shifts throughout a winter storm to provide 24 hour winter coverage and staff is constantly monitoring all city streets to direct crews to areas in need of service. Crews are also in contact with police dispatchers who can direct them to additional areas needing treatment during a storm.

The 2013-24 snow season is designed to maintain road safety during each storm and allows for less material (sand/salt) use. The approach used during each storm is to run more trucks during the day and use sunlight to our advantage. All residents are also encouraged to remove their vehicles from the curb whenever possible to allow crews easier access.

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