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Snow Removal

What Can You Do to Help?


These tips can help to expedite snow removal and ensure your safety.

    • Stay back at least 50’ from the rear of a plow truck so the driver can see you. If you cannot see his mirrors, he cannot see you.
    • Park your vehicles in your driveway whenever possible.
    • Don’t allow your vehicles to hang out into the street.
    • Avoid passing or driving beside plow trucks. Some trucks are capable of plowing multiple lanes at one time.
    • Avoid placing snow from your driveway back into the street. Less snow will be pushed into your driveway by passing plows.
    • Remove portable basketball goals and any other structures from the street. This will enable snow plows to reach the curb and eliminate possible damage to the truck or portable structures.
    • Maintain trimmed tree brances along the street.
    • Property owners are responsible for maintenance of the sidewalks adjacent to their property. We ask that both business and residential owners maintain their sidewalks for safe pedestrian travel.

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