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Air Quality

Permitting and Technical Services  

Brook Rentz, Environmental Engineer
619 Ann Avenue
Phone: 913-573-6700
Fax: 913-342-5634
Email: brentz@wycokck.org

Mark Weckwerth, Environmental Engineer
619 Ann Avenue
Phone: 913-573-6700

Fax: 913-342-5634

Email: mweckwerth@wycokck.org

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Construction Man Pix.jpgThe Permitting and Technical Services Program reviews and issues construction permits for new or modified sources of air pollution in Wyandotte County.  


This program also performs technical studies and evaluations, emission calculations, technology reviews, regulatory applicability determinations, etc. Kansas Title V Operating Permit program became effective in February of 1996 and is being implemented by this Program in Wyandotte County. DAQ has issued many of the complex Class I permits, as well as, Class II and III permits to sources covered by the operating permit program. DAQ acts as an agent of the state to issue permits under state authority, as well as, issuing permits under local rules. 

Important Links 

 Kansas and Wyandotte County Air Regulations   KDHE/DAQ Permitting Application Forms 
 Code of Federal Regulations   EPA's Applicability Determination Index 
 KDHE BAR Permit Section   AP-42 Emission Factors 
 KDHE Permit Guidance and Information   Texas Decision Support System for Federal Air Regulations 
 EPA Region 7 Air Website   Air Compliance and Enforcement Forms 
 EPA Stack Testing Methods   


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