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The Code Enforcement Division of the Unified Government in its continuing effort to reduce blight and enhance the appearance of our city is continuing its mission to educate the public about code violations. The purpose of this program is to encourage Voluntary compliance toward the abatement of structural and environmental problems.

 The Target of the Month is:


Defacement of public and private property through the application of graffiti upon walls, rocks, bridges, buildings, fences, gates, other structures, trees and other real and personal property within the corporate boundaries of the city constitute a blight on this community, and, in the interests of health, safety, and general welfare of the residents and taxpayers of the city, immediate steps must be taken to remove this blight.

What happens when a property is damaged by graffiti?


Even though a property owner is a victim of a crime, they are responsible to cleanup the graffiti. To report graffiti in Kansas City, Kansas, call 913-573-5311. After a call is made, a Code Enforcement Officer will come and look at the graffiti and try to make contact with someone at the address. If there is a legally responsible adult there, the Code Enforcement Officer will talk with them about the graffiti and the ability for the city to cover it up for them.  If an owner or other legally responsible contact signs the Authorization for Abatement Form, The Form will be forwarded to Code Enforcement and Public Works, after which Public Works will cover up the graffiti within a couple of days. The Authorization for Abatement is valid until ownership of the property changes or the owner asks us in writing to have their authorization removed from the record. The only drawback to this is that the color will not necessarily match the original background color.


If no contact is made, or if the legally responsible party does not want to sign the Authorization for Abatement Form, Code Enforcement will start a case and send out a Notice of Violation with an Authorization for Abatement Form attached to the legal owner. The owner can then sign the authorization and return it or take care of abating the graffiti themselves.


The Key to stopping graffiti is immediate and diligent removal of the graffiti.

Violation of these ordinances could result in prosecution with a fine ranging up to $2,500.00 and/or possibly six (6) months in jail. 

The Code Enforcement Division can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at (913) 573-8600.





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