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General Budget Information  

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2017 Approved Budget Information



The mission of the Budget Division is to assist the Mayor and Board of Commissioners, County Administration, and department managers in exercising good stewardship of public resources by providing capital and operating budget oversight, financial analysis and evaluation, decision support, and assisting with budget modifications. The Budget Office: 

  • Directs the preparation and production of:
    • The annual budget document
    • 5 year capital maintenance and
      improvement plan (CMIP)
  • Performs research
  • Problem solving


  • Performance measurement collection
    and reporting
  • Long range financial planning
  • Trend analysis
  • Grant setup
  • Responds to special research

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Budget   Hours   Reginald Lindsey, Jr.   Phone Numbers  
City Hall   8:00 am to 5:00 pm   Director   P: (913) 573-5271  
701 N 7th Street   Monday - Friday   Email   F: (913) 573-5293  
Suite 510          
Kansas City, KS          

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