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Community Development

Block Grant Programs 


Emergency Home Repair Grant

Provides assistance to very-low-income owner-occupied households to treat one (1) or more housing conditions of an emergency nature, posing a threat to the health or safety of the occupants.


  • Owner-occupied households throughout Kansas City, Kansas
  • Household income at or below fifty percent (50%) of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-area median income

Eligible Emergency Conditions

This program is designed to correct conditions of a serious nature in the following areas:

  • Roofs
  • Malfunctioning sewer or septic systems
  • Structural problems
  • Major electrical failure
  • Inoperative heating system
  • Major interior plumbing 

Grant Limits

Grant limits vary depending on budget availability. Grant amounts are subject to the discretion of the Director of Development, based on the needs of the household and the availability of funds.

How to Apply

Applications are taken by the Department of Housing & Community Development Office at (913) 573-5100


  •  Applications are processed to ensure that the applicant owns or has a valid contract for purchase and appears to be within the guidelines.  When an applicant does not qualify they are given an opportunity to provide more information.  Receipt  of an application by our Department DOES NOT GUARANTEE ASSISTANCE.
  • Department of Housing and Community inspection staff will make an inspection of the house for requested repairs to make a cost feasibility report.
  • The Emergency Home Repair Grant Committee, made up of Housing & Community staff will determine the approval or denial of the applicant.
  • Houses that are in Foreclosure or Bankruptcy, Delinquent real estate taxes and city code violations are not eligible for assistance.  In addition houses that are businesses or rental building/adjoining properties are not funded through this program.
  • The following information is required to bring to the appointment with the office 573-5110
    • Proof of Ownership: deed, warrant deed, (recorded contract may show reasonable evidence of continued occupancy)
    • Identification: Driver's License, State ID for the homeowner and all other occupant adults.
    • One of you most recent utility bills : BPU water and electric, gas, phone.  All utilities must be on, except for turn off due to the needed repairs.
    • Copies of most recent year Tax Returns, W-2's, Verification of Benefits and/or pay stubs to cover the past 30-days for each house hold member.  If receiving child support provide documentation of the current monthly payments.  
    • If applicant is disabled, provide documentation that shows if the disability is permanent or temporary.
    • Provide all bank statements for savings accounts and other institutions where assets are kept (stocks, bonds, retirements etc.)
    • If you are self-employed provide 2 years of your most recent tax returns W-2's 1099's etc.

Limitations in Program Scope

Where multiple repairs are needed which, in the aggregate cost would exceed the grant limits defined above, the Director of Housing and Community Development  may approve such grants if and only if the cost does not exceed the market value of the property and the repairs to the property would significantly extend the useful life of the property.

Where treatment of repairs is deemed impractical, based on the above criteria, the scope of work may be limited to treatment of only the more serious conditions provided no conditions of an emergency nature are left untreated.

Barrier Removal


  • Owner-occupied households throughout Kansas City , Kansas
  • One (1) or more household members suffers from a verifiable disability
  • Household income cannot exceed eighty percent (80%) of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-area median income

Eligible Home Modifications
Eligible modifications may include, but are not limited to:

  • Installation of wheelchair ramps
  • Installation of bathroom grab bars or other types of accessibility equipment
    Widening of entrance ways

Grant Limits
Grant limits vary depending on budget availability.  In order to assist as many households as possible the Division is attempting to hold an aggregate cost. in addition the Division will review the homeowners' needs and make determination accordingly.

How to Apply

Contact 573-5100 


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