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Ethics Commission

Inquiries & Complaints

710 N.7th Street
1st Floor Suite 140
Phone: 913-621-3294
Ethics Hotline: 913-621-3294
Fax: 913-621-3295

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

The Ethics Program of the Unified Government welcomes your questions, comments, and complaints relating to the ethical conduct of government.

Under the Code of Ethics, the Ethics Administrator is responsible for responding to inquiries and complaints, and communication may be accomplished in any of the methods listed below. Communications may seek an advisory opinion concerning conduct authorized by the Code of Ethics, may ask questions related to the Ethics Program, or may register complaints of ethics violations.

For your convenience, the ethics hotline (913-621-3294) has been established as a confidential answering service, and the service is monitored regularly by the Ethics Administrator to receive your confidential message. Although hotline callers may elect to remain anonymous—and their communication will receive a response—callers are urged to leave a name and telephone number for return phone call as a means of effectively investigating all reported matters. All communications will remain confidential, used only for official purposes of investigation, and the identities of callers will only be revealed upon proper judicial authority.

Making inquiries or complaints:

By telephone: Ethics Hotline - (913) 621-3294   fax - (913) 621-3295
By electronic mail:
By regular mail:

Ethics Administrator
710 North 7th Street, Suite 140
Kansas City, KS 66101
(Mark letters "Confidential")

Ethics Complaint Form (to be used with regular mail process)

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