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Clinical Services
General Clinic and STD Clinic

Office hours:

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
Evening appointments available on Thursday

General Clinic performs a myriad of functions, hence the name “General Clinic.” The clinic is a “walk-in” clinic staffed by three registered nurses: Dianetta Nicholson, Joan Pesek, and Jeanne Bennett. These nurses are specially trained in sexually transmitted infection diagnosis and treatment. In most instances, there is a charge for services performed in General Clinic; however, some of the services are provided on a “sliding-fee” scale. Flu and pneumonia immunizations are covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

Services Provided: 

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  • Examinions and diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STD's)
  • Treatment of clients who are partners of people who have STD's
  • Immunization for newly settled refugees 
  • Immunizations for foreign travel and Green Card holders
  • Immunizations for adults
  • Monitoring of blood pressures (free)
  • Checking for pediculosis, or lice checks (free)

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General/STD Clinic Hours Dianetta Nicholson, Phone Numbers
Health Department 8:30 am to 5:00 pm RN  P: (913) 573-6741
619 Ann Avenue Monday - Friday Email  F: (913) 573-6709
Kansas City, KS Evening Apts.     
66101 on Thursdays     
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