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Community Developmental Disabilities Organization 

What is your CDDO?

Community Developmental Disabilities Organization

There are 28 CDDOs in Kansas. CDDO have locally developed policies and procedures that guide them.

Single point of entry. The CDDO accepts and processes all applications for services, determines eligibility, informs applicants of all service options, coordinates access to funding and services, reviews requests for placement in Intermediate Care Facilities for Mental Retardation and facilitates both admissions and discharge from State Hospitals.

Information Management. Individual eligibility, demographic and service information for every consumer served in Wyandotte County is managed by WCDDO.

Quality Assurance. WCDDO must evaluate system responsiveness and conducts physical monitoring of individual clients to assure service needs are met, rights are protected, reporting is being done as required and services paid for are delivered.

Council of Community Members. As required by DD Reform and the SRS contract, WCDDO has developed a council made up of consumers or their support network to conduct annual planning, dispute resolution and review of affiliate agency staff training.

Service continuity. WCDDO assures that funding follows the consumer as service choices are made and changed.

Fiscal management. WCDDO assures that affiliates carry out funding responsibilities including assurance that taxes are paid and liability coverage is in place.

Allocation of resources. WCDDO is responsible for allocating resources which become available to Wyandotte County for Developmental Disabilities services.

Person centered planning. Each person will have an individualized plan based on their preferred lifestyle. WCDDO assures this plan of care is initiated and maintained with measurable outcomes to determine responsiveness.

HCBS monitoring. As CDDO, WCDDO coordinates Medicaid funded services for those with developmental disabilities and assures compliance with waiver requirements.

Affiliate contracts. WCDDO develops, initiates and monitors contracts with affiliated serviced providers. WCDDO requires that affiliates meet all regulatory and legal requirements, services are paid for are delivered, all fiscal responsibilities are carried out and assures compliance with Quality Enhancement expectations.

Federal and State Monitoring:

The State Quality Enhancement Coordinator and the CDDO Quality Assurance Coordinators completes onsite monitoring to ensure that services provided meet the needs of the consumer; and that the consumer's basic rights, health and safety are protected.

Eligibility Determination

Before you can access services or supports you must be found eligible. To be eligible you must meet the MR/DD definition as outlined by the State of Kansas.

Mental Retardation is defined as:

Documentation of an IQ two standard deviations below the mean (demonstrated prior to 18) concurrent with deficits in adaptive behavior including related limitations in two or more of the following applicable adaptive skill areas:

Communication, Self-Care, Home Living, Social Skills, Community Use, Self Determination, Health and Safety, Functional Academics, Leisure and Work.

Developmental Disabilities is defined as:

Documentation of a developmental disability (manifested prior to age 22). The disability is attributed to a mental or physical impairment or a combination and is likely to continue indefinitely. The disability results in substantial functional limitations in any three of more of the following areas of life functioning:

Self-Care, Understanding and use of Language, Leaning and Adapting, Mobility, Self-Direction in Goal-Setting, Living Independently, Economic Self-sufficiency.

Reflects a need for interdisciplinary or generic treatment or other life long, individually planned and coordinated services.

This does not include individuals who are solely severely emotionally disturbed or seriously and persistently mentally ill or have disabilities solely as a result of infirmities of aging.

How to Apply(Getting Started)

If you want to apply for services or just want more information all you need to do is contact WCDDO Eligibility and Referral Coordinator at (913) 573-5502. She can inform you about services for people with developmental disabilities and the service providers available in Wyandotte County. Basic information from you will be needed to initiate a referral packet and get an application to you. Once the application is received the process of eligibility will begin.

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