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Urban Planning and Land Use


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The Department of Urban Planning and Land Use is responsible for promoting the long-term value and livability of the community by administering land use and development ordinances, implementation of the City-Wide Master Plan, advising on planning issues, preparation of plans and policies, and provision of technical assistance and planning information to government agencies, public officials, and community boards. 

The Department is responsible for land use analysis in support of the Commission's review of proposals for zoning map and text amendments; special permits under the Zoning Resolution; changes in the City Map; the acquisition and disposition of city-owned property; the acquisition of office space for city use; site selection for public facilities; urban renewal plans and amendments; landmark and historic district designations; and community-initiated plans under the City Charter. 

For general planning & zoning information, please call 913-573-5750. Select one of the links below to get started.  

** NEW** 

We are excited to share our progress in streamlining the application process.   


  • Credit card payments are now accepted with the Department of Urban Planning and Land Use. There is a 2.5% transaction fee applied.  
  • Electronic Document Review (EDR) guidelines will apply for all applications starting September 1st.   
  • EDR will provide substantial benefits to our applicants by enhance communication and collaboration across internal and external teams. It offers an easier and more efficient plan submittal. EDR aims to increase cost savings by reducing printing/paper/delivery costs, reduce staff time for assembly and distribution, serves as a more efficient conduit for the communication of corrections and revisions, and it’s green! Per KC Blueprint, a project with 100 sheets will cost $60 per set to print. For example, a Plan Review application prior to EDR would have $600 in printing costs. With EDR, there is no longer a requirement to submit hard plan sets. Eliminating the cost to applications. Since we are all pioneering this new process, your feedback is appreciated to help improve your next visit.    



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Planning Hours Rob Richardson Phone Numbers
City Hall 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Program Supervisor P: (913) 573-5750
701 N 7th Street Monday - Friday Email F: (913) 573-5796
Suite 423  
Kansas City, KS      
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