Land Bank Property for New Construction


Use this application for the following projects:
  • Develop vacant parcels with new construction, including, but not limited to, the construction of new houses, commercial buildings, parking lots, etc.
Note: Separate applications are available for the purchase of adjacent side lots and to rehab existing residential or commercial structures.

Purchase Price and Development Costs:
Applicants are able to purchase lots for new construction at a value determined by the Wyandotte County Land Bank (WCLB) staff. This value is based on comparable sales in the area; the purchase price is firm.

Requirements and Policies:
  • Not all land bank properties are available for sale—if a property is on the “Hold” list, it may not be for sale.
  • An application is required for all purchases of property. No sales contracts will be accepted. If an application is incomplete, you will be contacted by the Land Bank office; completed applications will be given priority.
  • Applications will automatically be rejected if the applicant is currently tax delinquent or has any outstanding code violations on any property owned in Wyandotte County.
  • Evidence of funding is required for all applications. Applicants are required to have the funds necessary to purchase and develop the property, prior to entering into negotiations with the Land Bank staff. Funds can be a bank statement, line of credit, or pre‐approval letter from a lending institution. Examples of experience are required for all applicants. Either the buyer or the buyer’s contractor must have experience doing similar work. All contractors must possess licenses, required by the Unified Government’s Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC), in order to obtain permits and perform work.
  • The WCLB will discuss the asking price for each property upon the receipt of a completed application.
  • In cases of multiple applications, the WCLB will compare the following: offer price, development plan, financial capacity, track record of applicant, type of project, consistency with adopted City Plans, and other factors.  If the result is a tie amongst applicants, precedence may go to the Wyandotte County residence.
  • The WCLB reserves the absolute right to accept or reject any and all applications and/or offers for purchase.
  • All sales include restrictions and an agreement to finish the development plan before a deed, transferring the property, will be issued. All deeds transferred from the WCLB are prepared with the assistance of the UG’s Legal Department. All contracts contain reversionary language, allowing the WCLB to regain possession of the property and to refuse to issue the deed if the buyer:
    • fails to meet their development plan,
    • fails meet the timelines agreed to in this application, or;
    • violates the other restrictions described in the contract
 NOTE: The reversionary right is to protect the WCLB in case the buyer fails to complete the project, as agreed. If the property is reverted, the buyer will not be reimbursed for any losses and will be ineligible to purchase any future land bank property
  • Depending on the project, the WCLB may require the applicant to schedule a Preliminary Site Plan Review with the Urban Planning and Zoning Department. This review is intended to identify issues, such as zoning, utility connections, and similar items that can make the project unfeasible. Zoning changes or variances must be made prior to closing and the WCLB can serve as a co‐applicant to the zoning application.   The WCLB further reserves the right to require a review of the development plan by the Economic Development Department.
  • All work requires appropriate building permits. The buyer is solely responsible to coordinate and obtain the permits and approvals necessary to complete the project. All construction work must meet all the building requirements. If a zoning variance or rezoning is required, please note this on the application. If any necessary permit is not obtained or produced, the WCLB may start the reversionary process. Copies of all permits, pre and post construction, are to be submitted to the WCLB office.
  • The buyer must apply for permits and start construction within (30) days of the initial closing.
  • All properties are sold “as‐is”. The buyer agrees to accept the property in its “as is” condition, without any warranties or representations by the WCLB. The buyer agrees to hold harmless and release the WCLB and the Unified Government of Wyandotte/KCK (UG) for all conditions known or unknown to the property. The buyer agrees that all code violations must be remedied before the WCLB transfers ownership of the property.
  • The buyer agrees to indemnify, protect, hold harmless, defend, and release the WCLB and UG from any claims, losses, damages, costs, or expenses including, without limitation, all reasonable attorneys’ fees asserted against, incurred, or suffered by the WCLB resulting from any contract breaches, personal injuries, or property damages occurring in, on, about, or related to the property resulting from any causes, except resulting from the acts or omissions of the WCLB or the WCLB’s agents, employees, or contractors. Nothing in this article restricts the WCLB’s rights and remedies available at law or in equity.
  • A title policy is not purchased by the WCLB; the buyer must arrange a title policy through a title company of their choosing.
  • The WCLB staff will have property inspections every (60) days that are non‐negotiable. Proper notification will be given by the WCLB staff; failure to allow the WCLB staff access to the property may result in the reversion process.
  • The buyer must finish the construction within the negotiated time frame from the initial closing. If the project is not completed by the negotiated time frame, the WCLB may invoke its right of reversion and take possession of the property. It is the responsibility of the buyer to notify the WCLB on the progress of construction and upon the completion of the project.

Any variation of the submitted Development Plan will require the prior written approval of the WCLB. Failure to complete the plan in its entirety and as submitted with the application may result in the reversion of the property and/or rejection of all future applications.  


Applicant and Contractor Information

Buyer Information

Contractor Information

Note: Additional contractors may be listed on separate page. All Contractors will need applicable licenses, as required by the City’s Building Code, for which the property resides. The WCLB will perform a verification of the information and any falsified information may result in the rejection of the application.


Please Respond to the Following Questions:
Are you currently delinquent on property taxes for any property owned in Wyandotte County?:

Do you currently have a notice from the Code Enforcement Department indicating that you are in violation of City Code?:

Note: As a part of the review of this application, WCLB staff will review records from other UG Offices such as Code Enforcement, Treasury and other available records. Failure to honestly answer these questions may result in the rejection of the application.  


Project Information:

Residential Projects:
Following construction, will the applicant occupy the building?:

Commercial Projects:

Development Plan
The following information must be attached to this document before your application will be processed. The application will not be considered complete until it is submitted with all attachments.
Development Plan
  • Project Narrative ‐ Please provide a written narrative of the project with a description of the work to be performed. Provide information on the construction team, including examples of past experiences on similar projects completed and any other information for the WCLB to consider in reviewing the application.
  • Construction Budget ‐ Provide a detailed breakdown of work. Be as specific as possible — the WCLB will give more weight to an application with more detail.
  • Project Costs ‐ Itemize costs for each part of the development, including where the buyer will perform work and any cost savings that are achieved from this work to help compare different proposals.
  • Site Plan and Elevations ‐ Buyers should meet with the Urban Planning and Zoning Department to identify any zoning or site development issues.
Proof of Funds
Documentation is required to verify the funding necessary to purchase the property and to complete the new construction. This typically includes:
  • A letter, line of credit approval, and similar documents from a lending institution, approving any financing proposed for the project. The documents should contain the amount available, the term, and all requirements of the financing; it should state that the financing can be used for the proposed project. The amount of financing must equal or exceed the amount contained in the development project costs.
  • Personal or business bank statements and a letter from the applicant, if the applicant proposes to use existing cash. The amount of the statements must equal or exceed the amount contained in the development project costs.