Application to Purchase a Vacant Land Bank Property as Yard Extension


Use this application if the following is correct:
  • You are the Owner of Record of an adjacent occupied structure that shares a property line with an undeveloped Land Bank lot and wish to acquire the lot to expand your property.
Separate applications are available to purchase property for new construction or the rehab of an existing residential or commercial structure.  WCLB property that is determined to be developable may not qualify for the Yard Extension program.

Program Requirements and Policies:
  • All properties for sale are listed on the WCLB website. Not all land bank properties are available for sale— if a property is on the “Hold” listing, it may not currently be for sale.
  • An application is required for all purchases of property.  Applications are not considered until all required information is provided. If an application is incomplete, it may be rejected or other completed applications will be given priority.
  • Applications will automatically be rejected if the applicant is currently tax delinquent or has any outstanding code violations on any property owned in Wyandotte County.
  • WCLB reserves the absolute right to accept or reject any and all applications and offers for purchase. In cases of multiple applications, the WCLB will give precedence to applications from adjacent, occupied homeowners.
  • Splitting a Land Bank lot for two adjacent owners – In a case where two property owners of record apply for a lot, the WCLB may split the parcel between the two owners.
  • All transfers include deed restrictions and/or a reversionary clause allowing the WCLB to regain ownership and possession of the property if the buyer fails to meet the restrictions placed on the property.
  • The Wyandotte County Land Bank Board of Trustees (LBBOT) must approve all application(s) in order for the WCLB to transfer property.
  • Closings are held at the WCLB offices. The WCLB will only accept cashier’s checks or money orders made payable to the Wyandotte County Land Bank.
  • All property is sold “as‐is”. The buyer agrees to accept the property in its “as is” condition, without any warranties or representations by the WCLB. The buyer agrees to hold harmless and release the WCLB and the Unified Government of Wyandotte/KCK (UG) for all conditions known or unknown to the property.
  • The buyer agrees to indemnify, protect, hold harmless, defend, and release the WCLB and UG from any claims, losses, damages, costs, or expenses including, without limitation, all reasonable attorneys’ fees asserted against, incurred, or suffered by the WCLB resulting from any contract breaches, personal injuries, or property damages occurring in, on, about, or related to the property resulting from any causes, except resulting from the acts or omissions of the WCLB or the WCLB agents, employees, or contractors. Nothing in this article restricts the WCLB rights and remedies available at law or in equity.

Note: As a part of the review of this application, WCLB staff will review records from other UG Offices, such as Code Enforcement, Treasury and other available records. Failure to honestly answer these questions may result in the rejection of the application.  


Application Information:
Do you live in the adjacent structure above?:


Please Respond to the Following Questions:

Are you currently delinquent on property taxes for any property owned in Wyandotte County?:

Do you currently have a notice from the Code Enforcement Department indicating that you are in violation of City Code?: