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Adult Detention Center

Jeffrey Fewell, Administrator
710 N. 7th Street
Suite 20
Phone: 913-573-2865

The Adult Detention Center seeks to provide a safe, secure, and humane environment for correctional staff, deputies, visitors, and persons lawfully incarcerated by the criminal justice system. Staff is also responsible for prisoner transportation, extradition and court security.



The Detention Center shall:

  • Maintain a climate in the facility cognizant of detainee welfare, including social, emotional, and physical needs
  • Maintain standards which are consistent with the operation mandates as advocated by Federal, State, and local existing laws and correctional standards
  • Provide consistent and fair treatment of staff and detainees
  • Ensure that personnel are prepared and capable of taking responsible action when emergencies occur
  • Provide a systematic and operational approach for managing staff and detainees without violating individual rights or breaching the security of the facility.

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