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District Attorney

Victim Assistance Unit
Criminal Justice Building
710 North 7th Street


Mission Statement

The advocates in the Victim Assistance Program treat all victims of crime with compassion and respect for their dignity and privacy as together we walk through the processes of the Criminal Justice System. Victims’ rights to participation in criminal proceedings are ensured by timely notification and appropriate assistance so that they may be safe and protected from intimidation and retaliation, and assisted to obtain restitution, Crime Victims Compensation, and other services available in the community. 

It is the right of the victim of a crime to be informed about the progress of the case. The Victim Assistance Unit notifies victims when charges have been filed in all cases in the adult and juvenile courts. Notification is done with an initial packet including a letter, booklet and Victim Impact Statement form. Victims are also notified of arraignment hearings, preliminary hearings, trials and sentencing hearings. For additional information on the Victim Assistance program, please click here: Victim Assistance FAQ

Contact Information

  Wyandotte County District Attorney's Office
  Criminal Justice Building
  Victim Assistance Unit
  710 North 7th Street
  Kansas City, KS 66101
Adult Department   (913) 573-2851
Juvenile Department   (913) 573-2973
Adult Department   (913) 573-2948
Juvenile Department   (913) 573-2860

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