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Parks and Recreation

Special Event Application


Please complete the entire application with accurate information.

Applications will be reviewed by Parks and Recreation staff for consideration.

If you have any questions please call (913) 573-8358.


Type of Event:  


If other is selected from abovel, please enter a description:


Event Title:  Event Dates: 
Estimated attendance per day:   Event Hours: 
Setup day/time:  Breakdown day/time: 
Admission Fee:  If yes, please describe: 
Desired Location: 
Are there any street closures required:  If yes, please list: 



Is this event  or   
Host sponsoring organization contact:
City:  State:  Zip: 
Telephone:  Email: 



Describe parking arrangements in detail:


Is the event open to the public    

If yes, please describe: 

Describe entertainment & related activities - if none, please explain:


Will there be food preparation:    

Will there be alcohol:    

Will there be food:    

Sound Amplification:              Hours of Use: 

Will there be tents:    

If yes, please explain: 

Note: Tent stakes are not allowed.

Will there be any other types of structures:

If yes, please explain:    

Will there be any type of inflatable's:       

Additional Information:



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