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Urban Planning and Land Use

Historic Preservation 

Landmarks Commission: 

The Kansas City Kansas Landmarks Commission is responsible for overseeing the preservation of the City’s heritage by recommending the designation of historic sites and districts. The purpose of the commission is to identify, protect, enhance and perpetuate districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects that represent or reflect distinctive and important elements of the city's historic, cultural and architectural heritage.

  • To safeguard the city's historic, cultural and architectural heritage as embodied and reflected in such districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects.
  • To stabilize and improve property values in such locations.
  • To encourage the conservation and preservation of neighborhoods having distinct historic, cultural or architectural characteristics.
  • To foster civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past.
  • To protect and enhance the city's attractions for tourists and visitors and provide incidental support and stimulus to business and industry.
  • To strengthen the economy of the city.
  • To promote the use of historic landmarks and historic districts for the culture, economy, education and welfare of the people of the city.
  • To promote the safety, health, morals and general welfare of the city as a whole.

The Landmarks Commission is established by Sec. 27-100 et.seq and consists of 11 members, which are appointed by the Unified Government Board of Commission. The members of the Commission shall be residents of Wyandotte County and shall be persons who have demonstrated special interest, knowledge, or experience in fields related to Historic Preservation.

Construction within Historic District or Historic Landmark:

Any new construction or exterior renovations to properties within a Historic District or Historic Landmark is required to obtain approval from the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) prior to the issuance of any residential or commercial building permits. Planning staff will make a review submittal to SHPO on behalf of the building permit applicant. There is a review time of up to 30 business days with SHPO in addition to the technical review time of construction drawings with the UG.

 Sign permit applications within a Historic District of Historic Landmark requires approval with staff prior to the issuance of a sign permit. Allow 5-7 business days for Planning staff review time.





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