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HR_Office_InterviewThe Department of Human Resources is responsible for the personnel functions for the Unified Government (UG). The Department coordinates the recruitment and hiring of UG employees, administers UG labor relations, employee and retiree benefits, employee training and staff development, and retention of a productive work force

The Human Resources Department is committed to a customer-driven concept that maintains the integrity of human resource functions, and also to being responsive to the needs of all departments of the Unified Government. The Department strives to provide elected officials, management, and the citizens of Kansas City, Kansas a diverse, competent, trained, and professional workforce. The Department of Human Resources consists of 3 divisions. The divisions are: 


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 The Department serves nearly 2,300 part-time and full-time employees and provides a variety of quality services for the Unified Government's diverse workforce through training, employee relations, employee recognition, encouraging citizen volunteerism, employee records, benefits, and compensation.

Our Mission

We of Human Resources are committed to providing our clientele with high quality service and the utmost respect, utilizing our staff and resources in the most efficient manner while maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

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