Code Enforcement

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NRC Offices
4953 State Avenue
Kansas City, KS
Patrick Holton Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
P: (913) 573-8600 F: (913) 573-8731 E: Email
Frequently Asked Questions

What policy or guidelines do Code inspectors go by?
What is the time spent in the field?
Are inspections for code violations only given upon complaint, or is it up to each Code Inspector to handle as seen fit?
After receiving the first notice (10 days to comply), does the Code Inspector return that exact day or longer?
Is an additional notice and re-inspection day given to make the correction or is a letter to appear in court sent?
If someone gets a court summons, does the inspector go out the day before the court date to check the problem?
If the problem has been corrected before the court date, why does the person still have to go to the court and pay the fine and the $49.50 for court costs?
Is the Notice of Violation to the person generated by computer (standard form)?
Are complaints entered in the computer system by name or address?
What are the average numbers of calls for an Inspector per month?
How can I see what cases the Inspector is working on?
Who picks up the complaints from the Internet and how soon does the Inspector receive it?
If we would call the Service Request Center, can they give us the follow-up on a complaint, instead of trying to get in touch with the Inspector for that area?
If given a summons and fined, are they on probation for (1) year? If the Code Inspector has to go back for any complaints within that year can the fine be up to $2,500?
Is someone from a neighborhood group allowed to ride with the code inspector?
How can a Neighborhood Watch Group help the Code Inspector or the Code Department?
Why is it taking so long for my complaint to be addressed?
Are Unfit Structure and Vehicle Tow Hearings the same as a court proceeding?
How can the city tell me what I can do with my property that I personally own?
What are the main reasons houses are tagged Unfit for Human Habitation?
How long does a house stay on the Demolition List before being demolished?
Why is the Code Inspector addressing my property when there are other properties down the street and next door that have violations?
If I am addressed by Code Enforcement, can I know who complained about my property?
Can Code Enforcement give a citizen another property owner’s name and assistance with contacting that property owner?
Can I have a copy of the Unfit Structure List?