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Vacant Property Registry


The Unified Government of Wyandotte County-Kansas City, Kansas has partnered with to administer its Vacant property registration program.  In order to comply with the vacant property registration ordinance, all property owners of vacant properties must register online via and pay a registration fee.
  1. Do I need to register my property? 
    1. If you property meets the following criteria it needs to be registered.
      1. Have you had utilities in the past 60 days?
      2. Is this property listed on the MLS (Multiple Service Listing)?
      3. Is there an active Rental License on the property?
      4. Is this property legally occupied?
    2. If you answered NO to all of the above criteria, please register your property. 
  2. How do I register my property?
    1. By simply clicking this link and following the Prochamps prompts. 
  3. Questions or concerns:
    1. If you have questions about registering your property, please use the following email or number. You will be in direct contact with Prochamps and they can assist you register a property.
      1. Email:
      2. Phone number: (913)-573-5877