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Unified Government Strategic Plan 2017-2022

To view the UG’s Strategic Plan and the organization’s progress on meeting its objectives, review the Unified Government Strategic Plan Dashboard.



The Mission of the Unified Government is to deliver high quality, efficient services and be a resource to our residents. We are innovative, inspired public servants focused on our community’s wants and needs.



The two themes of strategic direction represent Unified Government’s major priorities or areas to focus on to achieve the community’s vision. There are goals, targets and actions defined for each of these two strategic areas.

Safe, Healthy & Diverse Neighborhoods

One of the Unified Government’s greatest strengths is its diversity. Its diversity extends beyond different cultures, but include a variety of backgrounds, languages, skills and beliefs. The varied income levels of the residents keep the economy strong and make this a place with many opportunities. We want to preserve the distinctive neighborhoods that make the Unified Government unique. One way to achieve that is by continuing to connect neighbors to each and by providing a safe environment that attracts people.

People Participate & Prosper

People need jobs to live their desired quality of life. The Unified Government will work to attract employers to the area who provide residents a living wage and good benefits. Since this will be an environment where their needs are met, citizens will be engaged and empowered to make a difference. They will be connected to the skills and tools needed to address issues in their community. We will build collective efficacy in and between neighborhoods, so neighbors will come together for the good of their community. This will be a place people are proud to call home.


Service Delivery

Responsive - Our attention is drawn to our community’s needs resulting in services and programs that meet their needs.
Solution-Driven - We are proactive and focused on solving the root problem not just address smaller issues as they come up.
People Centered

Fair - We use trusted sources and our decision are based on facts. 
Respectful - We show our employees and community the respect they deserve. 
Servant leaders - We are committed to providing the best services to our community. We will do what it takes to get the job done.
Decision Making

Honest - We use trusted sources and our decision are based on facts. 
Integrity - We stand by our decisions inside and outside of meetings- not just behind closed doors. 
Inclusive - All voices are welcome here. We are a community with rich cultural and social diversity. We work towards decisions that benefit all parts of the community. 
Transparent - We want to be honest and open with our decisions/data. Citizens have access to services and information. 
Bold - We are committed to the decisions we make and stand by them. 
Nimble - Since the work environment is always changing we have learned to be adaptable. We take advantage of opportunities as they come along.
Resource Management

Sustainable - We are resourceful and only use what we need. We meet the needs of current residents as we keep the future in mind. 
Stewardship - We are good stewards of our resources. We take care of what we have so it will be there for future generations.