Court Trustee

Location: Court Trustee: Hours: Contact:
710 N 7th St
Suite 520
Kansas City, KS
Sheryl A. Bussell Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
P: (913) 573-2992 F: E: Email
Phone calls are normally automatically forwarded to voice mail. If unanswered, leave a detailed message including your name, case number, and phone number. Calls are returned within (48) hours.

There are specific times when calls are returned. If this time period is inconvenient, please specify a different time in your message. Please call ahead and schedule an appointment If you need to come into the office to meet with someone.
Name Number Email
Sheryl A. Bussell (913) 573-8089 Email
Becca McIntyre (913) 573-2770 Email
Anita Montes-White (913) 573-2750 Email
Rachel Woolley (913) 573-2764 Email
Alena Rahic (913) 573-2752 Email
Lindsey Shriver (913) 573-4116 Email