Court Trustee

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710 N 7th St
Suite 520
Kansas City, KS
Tracey D. Johnson Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM
P: (913) 573-2992 F: E: Email

Our Office provides an array of services to ensure that the child support orders are enforced and to see that the Child Support Guidelines are followed.

While Court staff can provide information that can be helpful in the handling of your case, the staff cannot provide legal advice, which limits the type of information that can be given.

Services Provided:

  • Establishment of court orders for child support, medical support and paternity.
  • Enforcement of child support orders:
    • Income Withholding Orders are filed and sent to the non-custodial parent’s employer to collect both current and past due child support. Federal and State laws mandate the use of Income Withholding Orders.
    • Contempt hearings can be scheduled to bring parents before the court when payments are not kept current.
  • Modification of support orders:
    • Federal and State laws suggest the review of child support orders every (3) years.
    • Kansas child support orders are calculated using the Kansas Child Support Guidelines.

Opening a case
Emancipation (when child support ends)
Request a Review/Increase
Payment Information
Income Withholding Information


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