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District Court
Please see below for the newest Administrative Orders and updates concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic. Updates will be posted in links below and dated for reference.
Admin Order 2020-PR-32 Amends 2020-PR-16

Administrative Order 2020-PR-31 - 4-3-2020
Order Suspending Certain Deadlines and Time Limitations in Kansas Municipal Courts Due to the COVID-19 Emergency

Administrative Order 20-MV-73 - 3-31-2020
Extension of Temporary PFA/PFS Orders - Updated

Administrative Order 20-MV-72 - 3-30-2020
Extension of Temporary PFA/PFS Orders

Administrative Order 20-MV-71 - 3-26-2020
First Amended Order Regarding Court Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

Welcome to the Wyandotte County Courthouse.
•The Wyandotte County District Court is closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
•All jury trials, criminal and civil, have been continued.
•Jurors who were summoned during this time will be put back into the jury pool and may be summoned later in the year.
•All other scheduled hearings, dockets and court appearances have been continued to a later date.
•Persons who have symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed to COVID-19, should not report to the courthouse.
Emergency operations are outlined in the Administrative Order, and
generally, include:
• determining probable cause for persons arrested without a
• first appearances;
• bond hearings;
• warrants for adults and juveniles;
• juvenile detention hearings;
• care and treatment emergency orders
For questions please leave a message with the Clerk of the District Court at (913) 573-2946 or email khill@wycokck.org

Providing access to courts while protecting the public and our workforce

On March 18, 2020, the Supreme Court released Administrative Order 2020-PR-016 directing all district and appellate courts to cease all but emergency operations until further order. On April 3, 2020, the Supreme Court released Administrative Order 2020-PR-32 amending Administrative Order 2020-PR-016 to:

  • rename emergency operations as essential functions;

  • clarify that litigation conduct is not limited when it does not involve a judge or court employee;

  • encourage parties to meet deadlines that do not require in-person proceedings;

  • confirm state courts must have staffing necessary to carry out essential functions and nonessential functions may be performed as local resources and circumstances allow;

  • clarify that hearings related to nonessential functions may occur, but only by telephone conference or videoconference;

  • clarify that court staff, whether working in a courthouse or from home, may perform both essential and nonessential functions; and

  • clarify that courts continue to accept electronic filings in all case types and explain that processing of filings related to nonessential functions may be delayed depending on staffing levels and demands of essential functions.

Statutes of limitations and statutory time standards suspended

The 2020 House Substitute for Senate Bill No. 102 referenced in Administrative Order 2020-PR-016 was published in the March 19, 2020, Kansas Register. It permits the chief justice to suspend until further order all statutes of limitations and statutory time standards or deadlines that apply to conducting or processing judicial proceedings. During the effective dates of the order, no action will be dismissed for lack of  prosecution.