Wyandotte County Court House, Erected in 1882.(1).

The Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department dates back to the mid 1800’s when Wyandotte was made the permanent county under the act of the territorial legislature. The position of Sheriff is an elected position and therefore, under the provisions of this act the first election of county officers was held on February 22, 1859. From this election, by the vote of the people, Samuel E. Forsythe became the first person to be elected Sheriff in Wyandotte County.

Sheriffs of Territorial Wyandotte County

1861 – 1881

Sheriff History 1Sheriff History 2

Samuel E. Forsythe

James Ferguson

Luther H. Wood

Samuel S. Peterson

Silas Armstrong

A.W. Peck

Edward Riter

Jacob W. Longfellow

Harvey Horstman

Harry A. Mendenhall

E.S.W. Drought

Alexander Gunning

William H. Ryns

James E. Porter

Thomas B. Bowling

Albert Becker

A Page in Sheriff History

Sheriff History 3

Sheriff History 4

Sheriff History 5

2009-Present Sheriff Don Ash

1999-2009 LeRoy Green Jr.

1938-1942 Frank Zimmer

1995-1999 Michael S. Dailey

1934-1938 George S. Baker

1995 Edward Mayfield

1932-1934 Albert G. Becker

1993-1995 Bill E. Dillon

1922 Daniel Maher

1988-1993 Owen Sully

1918-1922 W.J. Wright Jr.

1980-1988 John L. Quinn

1916-1918 John A. Wolfe

1978-1980 Don Long

1912-1916 R.L. Hinch

1974-1978 Bert Cantwell

1908-1912 A.L. Becker

1972-1974 Jess Boring

1906-1908 James Porter

1966-1972 Glen E. Brunk

1904-1906 Alex Gunning

1962-1966 Harry Higgins

1899-1904 Harry A. Mendendall

1958-1962 Al Sachen

1895-1899 J.W. Longfellow

1954-1958 Harry Higgins

1891-1895 S.S. Peterson

1950-1953 James Ferguson

1887-1891 T.B. Bowling

1948-1950 Roy Ferguson

1883-1887 Ellsworth Edwards

1946-1948 John Theroff

1881 T.B. Bowling

1942-1946 Ellsworth Edwards

 In Memoriam

We respectfully pay tribute to those Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Deputies whose lives were cut tragically short while serving in the line of duty.

James Reynolds August 4th, 1986

Thomas Medina March 4th, 1956

Wesley Walden November 19th, 1955

Maurice Bedell August 29th, 1954

Frank Rohrbach 1931

Additional historical information can be accessed on the web address: www.kckpl.lib.ks.us/kscoll/lochist/thennow/TN66.htm.