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Beginning March 23rd, the Delinquent Real Estate office will be closed to the public until further notice. We feel that this is the best step to take for the health and safety of both our customers and employees. Unfortunately, this does mean that the only way a property that is in the tax sale can be paid for will be by mailing in a cashier’s check or money order. We Strongly recommend that if your property is in a tax sale, that you call us at 913-573-2817 or email us at so we can go over all possible options that are available to you.

The Chief Counsel of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas is required by Kansas Law to institute an action in the District Court against the owners and persons having or claiming to have an interest in real property that are Tax Sale eligible. Tax Sale eligible properties are those that have delinquent taxes for at least (3) years for homestead properties, (2) years for commercial properties and (1) year for vacant and abandoned properties.


The action in the District Court, which takes the form of a petition, asks the District Court to determine the amount of delinquent taxes, charges, interest and penalties charged to each piece of property to be included in the sale, and that the court decree the amount due to be a first and prior lien upon the real estate and that the property be sold at a public sale to satisfy the lien.


The minimum bid for a property includes all delinquent taxes but not necessarily all taxes due on the property. The new owner is responsible for any current year taxes that are past due.

As of right now, our April tax sale is being postponed to a later date. It is not cancelled. We do not have a rescheduled date at this time as we are monitoring the situation with COVID-19 as it evolves. Once we are able to reschedule the sale, we will disclose that information to the public. Thank you for understanding our concern to keep everyone safe. 

Tax Sale #346 will be held on April 9th, 2020 at Memorial Hall, 600 N 7th Street, KCK 66101. Doors open at 9:00 am. Auction begins at 10:00 am. Bidders must pre-register to participate.

All registered bidders must be in person the day of the auction to participate.

Below are links for the Tax Sale list. We no longer print lists in the office. The information below will be updated nightly until the day of the sale.

The information below will be available January 27th, 2020

Tax Sale #346: Property List
Tax Sale #346: Map (With Links to Property Info & Images)
Tax Sale #346: Property List (Excel .xls document)
Tax Sale #346: Current List of Properties Taken Out of Sale  

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