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Business License

Business Licensing is 1 of 7 Divisions located in the Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC). The License Division is responsible for:

  • the enforcement of various Unified Government licensing & taxing ordinances, and;
  • the billing, collection, and processing of fees prescribed by these ordinances.

Although the name would indicate that business licenses are the primary function, the reality is that processing licenses only accounts for 20% of division efforts while the collection and processing of annual Occupation Taxes represents the majority of the duties.

All businesses located in Kansas City, KS, and those businesses that come in to the city to conduct or perform their business, and those businesses conducting sales and services in the city, do need to register and file the occupation tax application for the specific business activity being conducted. There are a few limited and specific exemptions with regard to paying the occupation tax, but all business entities would still file the application, and be noted with the applicable exemption.

Some activities do require a regulatory license or permit in addition to the occupation tax.

Our processes are fairly quick, simple, and straightforward. While there may be approval steps required in the process, they are neither complex nor cumbersome and our staff is available for any assistance that might be needed. A business can usually accomplish our process on their own with little difficulty and there is no need to pay a third party company for forms and assistance that we provide at no cost.

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