Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA)

Information is needed to identify if a property is a brownfields. Commonly, properties with commercial history do not require environmental cleanup. Samples are collected from potential brownfields for laboratory chemical testing to determine any possibility of environmental issues. Money aside you can never test for everything, everywhere on any property. Where do you begin? For eligible and approved sites, the UG Brownfields Program can provide a Phase I environmental assessment “at no cost” to the project or community in order to identify potential environmental concerns.
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Nomination
A preliminary look at a possible brownfields property. It is limited in nature and involves records research and an on-site visual, but rarely testing. Phase I ESAs identify recognized environmental conditions in which a past, current or potential release of contaminants may have occurred. Identification of a recognized environmental condition does not mean a release actually occurred or, if it has, that it requires cleanup. The Phase I report does not obligate reporting of conditions to regulatory agencies for action except in special circumstances of extreme imminent threat to public health. Conducting Phase I ESAs provides essential information to parties of the property transaction including:

  • Liability protection from future enforcement for owners
  • Clearing properties of environmental issues for future sale or redevelopment
  • Gathering future information where actual testing/measurement should occur if further information is warranted

More Information:

Brownfields Site Nomination Form(PDF, 90KB)
John Garland Park Site Reuse Assessment(PDF, 24MB)