How can I obtain a birth/death certificate from the State of Kansas from July 1911 to the present?


Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Office of Vital Statistics
1000 SW Jackson, Ste 120
Toepka, KS  66612-2221
(785) 296-1400   |   Email   |   Website

How can I obtain birth/death records from 1892 to June 1911?

Submit an open records request through NextRequest.

How do I make an appearance before a standing committee?

Complete a Request to Appear Form(DOCX, 66KB)  and return to:

Unified Government Clerk's Office
701 N 7th St, Ste 323
Kansas City, KS  66101-3070
F: (913) 573-5299   |   Email

What do I need to transfer ownership on property?

A deed is the most common document to transfer ownership. A death certificate, divorce decree, or probate settlement are also examples of documents that may be accepted. If you were just married a new deed is needed to transfer ownership from your maiden to married name.

Who do you contact if the person who is listed as the owner has passed away, and there are no other owner names filed?

Contact Probate Court: (913) 573-2832.

Where can I obtain a copy of my deed?

The Register of Deeds, 710 N. 7th St, Kansas City, KS 66101: (913) 573-2841.

How do I obtain real estate tax information?

Call: Clerk's West Office: (913) 573-2876.

How do you check for a lien on the property?

All liens are handled through Civil Department/Clerk of the District Court:
(913) 573-2901.

How do I obtain copies of ordinances and resolutions governing Kansas City, KS?

Ordinances & Resolutions

Submit an open records request through NextRequest.