UGTV Channel 2

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UGTV is the Unified Government's public access channel which runs 24 hours a day. Programming includes public meetings, educational programs, and other programming created by our partners. Eligible participants in UGTV include groups and organizations: receiving tax funding; under contract to perform or provide a program or service under UG authority; endorsed and supported by UG Commission policy; other levels of government and their related departments and agencies.

Meetings from 2018 to the present can be viewed both on YouTube and Video on Demand. All prior meetings can be accessed via YouTube. 

Watch on Television

UGTV is available on Spectrum Cable Channel 2.

Stream on YouTube

If you do not have access to cable, you can also view Board of Commission meetings streamed live on the Unified Government YouTube channel. The meetings are archived to view at your convenience.

Unified Government YouTube Channel

Watch Video on Demand

Video on Demand, similar to YouTube, allows users to select and watch/listen to public meetings whenever you choose rather than at a scheduled broadcast time. 

The following browsers support our video on demand service:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

Watch Video on Demand

Programming must meet all FCC regulations and applicable federal, state and local laws. Programming on UGTV must be noncommercial. Underwritten programs may be shown if approved by the County Administrator's Office.

The following things are prohibited on UGTV:

  • Information or advertising concerning illegal lottery;
  • Material which constitutes libel, slander, pornography, or obscene or indecent content;
  • Programming which advocates particular religious beliefs or partisan political beliefs;
  • Programs containing advertisements or advocacy on behalf of a political candidate;
  • UGTV may not be used to influence the election of any candidate to federal, state or local office;
  • Advocacy of political issues by groups and organizations is prohibited, except for issues adopted by the Unified Government as part of a federal or state legislative agenda or other position as adopted by the Unified Government Board of Commissioners.

UGTV will not show candidates running for office nor show elected officials running for reelection during the election season, except to simply identify them as a current elected official or to show them attending and performing official duties during a regularly scheduled Unified Government Commission meeting or other event. Election season is defined as the sixty (60) days prior to the election date.

For-profit and not-for-profit entities are allowed to underwrite the production and/or broadcast of acceptable programming on UGTV under the following criteria:

Announcements of underwriting support may include:

  • a trade name or brand name; location and phone number;
  • logos or slogans that are not of a promotional nature;
  • value-neutral descriptions of a product line or service that aid in identifying the contributor;
  • names or service listings that do not include qualitative or comparative language.

UGTV is not allowed to promote the goods or service of any underwriter. In order to avoid "promoting," announcements made regarding entities who have furnished some consideration must not include any:

  • mention of price information, interest rate, discount, savings, or value of any kind;
  • call to action regarding a company such as suggest the viewer "call," "come by," "try," or even "be sure" in relation to a product or service;
  • inducements to buy a product or service; qualitative or comparative language describing a product or service such as language something is, “the best”, "largest," "smallest," or "most" anything.