Payment Options for Current Owners

If your property is NOT flagged in a tax sale, pay your back taxes online through Pay-It.
Pay My Taxes Online

If your property IS in a tax sale, online payments won't be accepted. We can help with payment options. Last day for property owners to redeem their property is the day BEFORE the tax sale; NO PAYMENTS are accepted on the day of the sale.

Your Options

  1. You can pay the amount of delinquent taxes in full.

  2. You can pay half of the delinquent taxes and enter into a payment plan agreement for the remaining balance to be paid over three years if approved by the court. The half amount must be paid BEFORE the day of the Tax Sale.

  3. If you do not have the half amount of the delinquent taxes, you can make partial payments to get to the half amount. Once you have half the amount paid, you can enter into a payment plan. The half amount must be paid BEFORE the day of the Tax Sale.

  4. You can request to have a hearing with the judge. In the hearing, the judge will hear your case and determine whether or not the property will be in the sale.

All payments must be in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or money order. Personal checks will not be accepted. Please make payments to Wyandotte County Treasurer.

Kansas Law only allows for certain people to be able to pay on and/or redeem a property that is in a Tax Sale. Those people are the owner, spouse of the owner, any holder of the record title, the owner’s or holder’s heirs (if the owner or holder is deceased), devisees, executors, administrators, assigns or any mortgagee or the owner’s or holder’s assigns. Additional documentation may be required if the individual making the payment is not the owner.