Who's on the Ballot?(XLSX, 15KB)

Polling Place Voting Hours: 7:00AM - 7:00PM on Election Day
Government-issued photo identification required

Voting on Election Day


  1. Check in at the poll book station
  2. Get a ballot
  3. Vote your ballot
  4. Take your ballot to the ballot box and deposit it
  5. Depart

To vote, you must show a government-issued photo ID. Photo ID must include your name and photo. We will ask you to state your current address.

You may use any of the following documents as photo identification for voting in Kansas:

  • Driver's License or ID Card issued by any state or district of the United States
  • U.S. passport
  • Student ID Card issued by an accredited Kansas college or university
  • U.S. military ID
  • Government employee badge or ID
  • Concealed carry license issued by any state or district of the United States
  • Public assistance ID issued by a municipal, county, state or federal government office

If you are age (65+), you may use an expired photo ID.

Persons with established religious beliefs that prohibit photography may be exempt from the photo ID requirement. If you claim this exemption, you must submit a completed Form DRO, Declaration of Religious Objection, before each election or before receiving a ballot. A Declaration of Religious Objection is not accepted if you have already voted.

At My Polling Place 

The location of your polling place is shown on your Certificate of Voter Registration.  If you have lost or misplaced your card, you can find your polling place information online at VoterView, or call the Election Office: P: (913) 573-8500. We will send you a replacement Certificate of Registration upon request.

On Election Day, you must vote at your assigned polling place. The address where you live determines your polling place. If you vote at the wrong polling place, your ballot may not count.

When you arrive at your polling place, you will be directed by a greeter to the poll book check-in table. We will ask you to show your photo ID and state your name and address.

If your name and address are correct in the poll book, you will sign the poll book. We will give you a ballot ticket you take to the ballot table. We will give you an un-voted ballot.


The instructions for voting your ballot are printed on the ballot:

  • Mark your choices by filling in the ovals.
  • If you make an error, ask us to give you another blank ballot.
  • Review your voted ballot.
  • Deposit your ballot in the ballot box. 

Please ask for assistance if you are having difficulty with marking your ballot.

Touch Screen Voting

A touch screen is provided for disabled voters. You may be given the option of using a touchscreen if there is no one waiting to use it. The touch screen is simply a ballot marking device. It does not count your ballot.

The instructions for voting on the touch screen are provided on the screen:

  • Mark your choices by touching the boxes next to your choices.
  • If you make an error, touching the screen in the same box erases the error.
  • Choose the boxes you intended.
  • Review your voted ballot on the review screen.
  • Touch the screen in the box for PRINT BALLOT.
  • Review your printed ballot.
  • Deposit your printed ballot in the ballot box.

Provisional Ballot Voting

You may be required to vote a provisional ballot for any of the following reasons:

  • Your name is not found in the poll book;
  • You have gone to the wrong polling place;
  • Your name or address in the poll book is not correct;
  • An advance ballot by mail was sent to you; or
  • You did not show an accepted form of photo identification.

When you have completed marking your provisional ballot, insert it and seal it in a blue provisional ballot envelope.  Take it to the election official who gave it to you. The information you provide on the envelope will be used to update your voter record.

Voter Registration

Who can register to Vote?

You should register if you:

  • Are a United States Citizen
  • Are (18 ) or will be (18) before the next election
  • Are a resident of Wyandotte County

If you have been convicted of a felony, register only after restoration of your civil rights.

If you are already registered to vote, you should promptly re-register if you:

  • Move within Wyandotte County
  • Change your name
  • Want to change your party affiliation 

Where can I register to vote?

  • Online: If you have a current Kansas Driver's License or Kansas Non-driver's Identification Card
  • Kansas Driver's License Offices
  • Public Assistance Offices
  • Public Libraries

How do I register to vote online?

Online Voter Registration(PDF, 411KB)  allows citizens, who are residents in Kansas with a valid Kansas driver's license, to register to vote for the first time or to make changes to an existing registration.

How do I register by mail?

Use the Kansas Voter Registration Application(PDF, 784KB) following the instructions printed on the application.

Voter registration applications must contain your original signature.

Sign and mail your application to the Wyandotte County Election Office:

  • 850 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101


  • Fax: (913) 573-8580, or;
  • Email

How do I verify I am registered to vote?

After you submit your completed voter registration application you will become a registered voter when the county election officer adds your name to the county voter registration list.

When your Voter Registration Application has been entered, a Certificate of Registration will be mailed to you. This voter ID card provides information regarding your Ward and Precinct, the location of your polling place, and your elected officials who represent you. The Certificate of Registration may not be used as ID to vote because it does not include your photo.

You can always confirm your current voter registration information online at VoterView

Keep your Certificate of Registration in a safe place for future reference. You may obtain a replacement certificate by asking the Election Office to send you a new one. The Election Office may also issue you a new certificate if your polling place changes or you re-register.

When do I need to update or change my voter registration?

Complete a new Voter Registration Application and send it to the Election Office:

  • If you have moved,
  • If you have a name change,
  • If you want to change your political party affiliation.

In Kansas, the choices are Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Not Affiliated. Party affiliation changes are prohibited during the period beginning June 1st and ending on or after August 31st for partisan primary elections in even-numbered years.

Is there a voter registration deadline?

You may register (or re-register) until (21) days prior to each election. Voter registration is closed during the (21) day period before each election. Applications must be postmarked no later than the 21st day prior to any election and received in the Election Office by the 9th day before the election to be valid. Applications postmarked or received after the deadline are not entered until after the election.

Voter Registration re-opens the day following each election.

Early Voting


All Kansas registered voters are eligible to vote early.
If you vote early, you cannot legally vote again in the same election.
If you apply for an early ballot but do not vote it, you are still eligible to vote a provisional ballot on Election Day.

Make Sure Your Vote Counts
Don't forget to SIGN & WRITE YOUR ADDRESS where indicated on the outside of the ballot envelope before sealing the envelope.

Advance/Early Voting In Person

In Person

  • Early voting in person begins up to (14) days before but not later than (7) days before an election.
  • Early voting locations include the Election Office and one or more designated satellite early voting locations.
  • Early voting hours of operation will be posted on this website. You may also receive a postcard in the mail announcing locations and hours of operation. Hours will also be posted at each location during the early voting period.
  • The early voting period ends at 12:00PM Monday on the day before Election Day.

Advance By Mail

By Mail:
Registered voters must apply for an early ballot for each election. A separate application form must be completed for each individual voter and for each election; print the Application for Advance Voting Ballot(PDF, 131KB). Complete and sign the application in order to receive a ballot.

  • Download and print the Application.
  • Fill in all required information and sign your application.
  • An advance voting applicant must provide with the application:

    • Kansas driver’s license number, or;
    • Kansas state identification card number, or;
    • A copy of one of the other forms of photo ID specified in section 2 of the application.

    Failure to provide required identification with the application will result in the voter receiving a provisional ballot.  The voted provisional ballot cannot be counted unless the voter provides the required photo identification.

  • Send your completed application by mail, email or FAX to the Election Office.
  • The deadline to apply for an early ballot by mail is (7) days (1 week) before the date of the election. You can apply up to (6) months before each election.
  • Ballots will be mailed  (20) days before each election.

If you have a permanent disability or illness, you may be eligible to apply for permanent early voter status. You may print the Application for Permanent Early Voting(PDF, 161KB); complete and sign the application in order to receive a ballot. This is a one-time application. Permanent early voters will automatically receive a ballot by mail for every election.

Request an advance ballot early to ensure sufficient time for mailing both the Application for Advance Voting Ballot and mailing a ballot.

Voted ballots must be returned and received in the Election Office or Polling Location no later than 7:00PM on Election Day. Advance ballots received by mail will be counted until the Friday following the Election as long as the mail is postmarked on or before Election Day.

Marking Your Ballot

  • Read and follow the instructions that come with your ballot.
  • Vote the ballot yourself. Do not let another person tell you how you should vote.
  • Made a mistake on your ballot? Contact our office for a replacement.
  • After you mark your ballot, insert it in the Ballot envelope.
  • Sign your name and write your current address on the outside of the ballot return envelope where indicated. Do not remove the envelope privacy flap.

Your ballot will not be counted if the voter affidavit on the envelope is not signed by the voter and/or the required photo identification is not provided.
If you require assistance in marking your ballot, the person assisting you must also sign the Affidavit of Assistance on the back of the ballot envelope. If you do require assistance in marking your ballot, be certain that the person assisting you can be trusted and is NOT with a political campaign, your employer, agent of employer, or officer or agent of a union to which you are a member.

Seal the envelope, apply the correct amount of postage, and mail your voted ballot. You may also deliver the voted advance ballot to the Election Office.

If you have someone else return your ballot for you, you must write the name of the person on the return envelope that you have chosen in the section provided for this. 

All voted ballots (not being returned by mail) must be received at any polling location or the Election Office no later than 7:00PM on Election Day.  Ballots being returned by mail must be received by the Friday after the election and must be postmarked by election day.

Absentee Voting by Military & Overseas Civilians

Who Qualifies as a Federal Service Voter?

  • Members of the Uniformed Services are defined as the U.S. Armed Forces, Merchant Marine, commissioned corps of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 
  • U.S. Citizens (18 years or older) residing outside the United States.
  • U.S. Citizens overseas by virtue of employment.
  • Accompanying spouse or adult dependent.

How Do I Register to Vote?

To register, complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) and mail it to the Election Office.

Postage is already on this card.  You may obtain this card from the U.S. Embassy, your Commanding Officer or Voting Assistance Officer.

If you are unable to obtain a copy, download and print the Federal Post Card Application.  Remember to add postage to this card.

Kansas does not require the form to be notarized or witnessed.

Your application is valid for (1) calendar year.  You are eligible to receive all ballots issued during the calendar year at the address you give on the FPCA.  If you move or are re-assigned during any calendar year, please be sure to send a new FPCA so you can receive your ballots.  Election mail cannot be forwarded.  The Election Office needs your current address.

The completed FPCA may be sent by:

  • Mail:
    • Wyandotte County Election Office: 850 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66101
  • Email
  • Fax:  (913) 573-8580

For complete details see Federal Voter Assistance Program.

When Will I Receive a Ballot?

Federal Service ballots are sent not later than (45) days prior to Election Day to all federal services voters with FPCAs on file.  Ballots are also promptly sent to federal voters who send FPCAs during the (45) day period before an election.  You must specify on the FPCA whether you want to receive a ballot by mail, email, or by fax.

If you submitted an FPCA prior to the (45)day period and have not received your ballot within (3) weeks before the election, contact the Election Office.

Why Can't I Use the Advance Voting Application?

The Application for an Advance Voting Ballot posted elsewhere on this web site does not apply to Federal Service Voters. Please do not submit this application. The FPCA, when used by Federal Service voters, gives federal voters specific rights, including an early mailing date and receiving and returning your ballot by email, which are not available to you if you use the Advance Ballot Application.

How Do I Return My Ballot?

You may mail your ballot to the Wyandotte County Election Office in the return envelope provided.

You may fax your ballot by following the instructions enclosed with your ballot. If faxing the ballot, the original ballot should be mailed promptly to the Wyandotte County Election Office.

You may email your voted ballot by following the instructions provided with your ballot.

Your voted ballot along with the required affidavit must be received by the Election Office no later than 7:00PM on Election Day in order for it to be counted.

When Should I Use the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot?

Federal voters may use the FWAB to vote when they have:

  • Already submitted an FPCA,
  • ballot has not been received by the federal voter, and
  • the FWAB is submitted from a location outside the United States.

If you then receive the requested federal ballot and return it by the ballot deadline, the federal ballot is counted, but not the FWAB.  Otherwise, the FWAB is counted.