Emergency Operations Plan



Wyandotte County Emergency Operations Plan 2021 

Wyandotte County is vulnerable to disasters. These disasters can affect the county in a variety of ways, necessitating immediate and sometimes long term assistance to meet the needs generated by them. This County Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP) serves as an overarching policy that considers the risk of disasters and establishes how the county mitigates against, prepares for, responds to, and recovers from them.

Emergency Support Function (ESF) Annexes:  Most of the content of the plan is captured in the plan’s 15 ESF Annexes, addressing the major functional areas required to respond to disasters.

Each ESF Annex accomplishes two main objectives:

  • Describes the scope of the ESF and the associated roles, responsibilities, and coordination necessary to meet the needs generated by disaster.
  • Describes the mission, membership, and key operational concepts of the ESF team in County EOC (when activated).
  • Addendums: Documents which support the ESF Annexes.  These documents support the information contained in the ESF Annex, and are not standalone documents.
  • Appendices: Documents which support the ESF Annexes but which are standalone documents. These documents are often obtained from sources outside the Unified Government, and may not always be current as they are not maintained with this CEOP.


2021 CEOP Base Plan Annex Adopted