Community Health Improvement Plan

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2024-2028 CHIP: A Healthier Wyandotte

The Wyandotte County Public Health Department (WYCO PHD) has teamed up with our community partners to address health concerns identified through the Community Health Assessment (CHA) process. We're on a mission to make Wyandotte County healthier by focusing on things like affordable housing, quality education, good jobs, and safer neighborhoods. Our goal is to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to enjoy a long and healthy life. Come on board, and let's work together to make Wyandotte County a healthier place for all.


The CHIP (Community Health Improvement Plan) is our blueprint for a healthier Wyandotte County. It’s a five-year plan, with shared goals and strategies, that address important health issues identified by community members. Currently, we’re focused on implementing the 2024-2028 CHIP. 

Collaboration is key to implement the CHIP strategies. The WYCO PHD works closely with CHIP Lead Agencies, Steering Committee, and other community partners to implement the strategies outlined in the plan. The CHIP Lead Agencies coordinate Action Teams & Committees to plan and implement projects effectively.

2024-2028 CHIP Priority Areas

The current CHIP focuses on five health priority areas identified through the CHA process:

  • Jobs & Education
  • Health Care Access
  • Safe & Affordable Housing
  • Violence Prevention
  • Behavioral Health

The CHIP also includes three "CHIP Lenses." The lenses serve as reminders that the goals of all of the CHIP priority areas must recognize, acknowledge and work to address three key systemic factors that affect Wyandotte County's opportunities for health: poverty, racism and trauma.

A graphic with five sections, each with the name of one of the five CHIP priority areas and an icon illustrating that topic. A line with an arrow on both ends spans the bottom of the graphic, listing the three CHIP lenses.

CHIP Booklets

WYCO PHD publishes a CHIP booklet each year of a 5-year CHIP, with support from the CHIP Steering Committee, Lead Agencies, and sponsors. The booklet outlines the strategies for each health priority area. Booklets for Years 2-5 will also include highlights from the previous year.

Image of the 2024-2028 Wyandotte County CHIP Year 1 Booklet(PDF, 6MB)





Learn more about the CHIP, including the timeline from the start of the 2022 CHA to launching the 2024-2028 CHIP, and an outline of how the CHIP committees and other supports are structured. 

From CHA to CHIP Timeline(PDF, 2MB)

CHIP Structure(PDF, 393KB)


WYCO PHD and CHIP partners compile reports throughout the course of the 5-year CHIP. Reports include more detailed background and data than the CHIP booklets. For the 2024-2028 CHIP, there will be a full report in May 2024 with the launch of the CHIP, then an annual report on progress each year.

2024-2028 CHIP Full Report, May 2024 (CHIP Launch)(PDF, 3MB)

Archive from the previous CHIP:

2018-2023 CHIP

For the past few years, the Health Department, CHIP Lead Agencies and other community partners made progress towards a healthier Wyandotte through collaboration in the 2018-2023 CHIP.

The 2018-2023 CHIP addressed Jobs and Education, Health Care Access, Safe & Affordable Housing and Violence Prevention. Together, we celebrated many successes. Click here to read about key highlights from the 2018-2023 CHIP.(PDF, 269KB)

A graphic of the 2018-2023 CHIP priority areas, divided into four sections, each with the name of one priority and an icon illustrating that topic.


Booklets and Annual Reports 




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