Healthy Families Wyandotte

Healthy Families Wyandotte

Be the best parent you can be with Healthy Families Wyandotte!

Do you want extra support and incentives during your pregnancy or as a caregiver?

Healthy Families Wyandotte wants to walk along side of you! Healthy Families Wyandotte (HFW) is a free program for pregnant women and families who want to improve their child's health and development. Contact us at (913) 573-8886 or for more details.


  • Promote a healthy pregnancy.
  • Improve your child's health and development.
  • Support positive parent-child interaction and bonding.
  • Connect your family to other community services or resources.
  • Discuss health, safety, nutrition, high-quality care for your child and support family goals.

What to expect in the first visit?

A Family Assessment Worker will go over the program with you to help you decide if you are interested in our services. This is an opportunity to share more about your family and let us know about the type of support and resources you would like. If you are eligible, the Family Assessment Worker will call you to set up a time that works for you, to enroll into the program if you are interested. Resources will be provided if needed.

Who can enroll in Healthy Families Wyandotte?

  • You can enroll in HFW if you live in Wyandotte County and you are pregnant.
  • You can enroll if you live in Wyandotte County and are a caregiver of a baby up to (3) months of age.

How does Healthy Families Wyandotte work?

  • A Family Support Specialist will meet with you and explain our program. If you are interested, you can enroll in the program. Visits can be at your home for your convenience.
  • A Family Support Specialist will provide education and support for your family by working towards milestones, completing developmental screenings, and working together on fun activities, such as making homemade toys.
  • A Family Support Specialist will routinely visit you and your family during pregnancy and after your child is born until the age of three years.

How much does Healthy Families Wyandotte cost?

Free. Services and resources are provided at no cost to you.