The kNOw LEAD KCK program is closed.

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Know Lead KCK is a program under the Health Department.

kNOw LEAD KCK is a Housing and Urban Development grant funded program that assists residents with lead-based paint stabilization. Licensed lead inspectors identify lead hazards and make recommendations, and certified lead abatement contractors perform the remediation, which may include:

  • Replacement of windows, doors, trim, and porches
  • Removing deteriorated lead paint and repainting
  • Replacing contaminated soil

You may qualify for this program if:

  • Your household meets income guidelines.
  • You live in Kansas City, KS.
  • You own your home.
  • The home you own was built before 1978.
  • A child under age six lives in the home or visits your home more than six hours per week, or a member of your household is pregnant.

You may check the guideline and checklist to see if you qualify for assistance. You can download the application below and bring all the required documents to the Health Department.

Courtesy of New Jersey Department of Health "kNOw LEAD"