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Applications may be submitted in person but must be complete at the time of arrival. Applications can be accessed on our website and can be sent via email, fax, or mail.

All positions require that the applicant be a resident of Wyandotte county or willing to relocate within (12) months from the date of hire. As a condition of employment all employees must pass a post offer physical examination, drug screen, and submit proof of identity and employment eligibility.

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity in its workforce.

Job Title Dept/Division Salary Closing Date
Administrative Support Specialist(PDF, 147KB)  U.G. Clerk Office  $16.82-$21.40/hr. 2/8/2023
Administrative Support Specialist(PDF, 117KB) Public Works  $16.82-$21.40//hr. 2/8/2023
Animal Services Officer(PDF, 146KB) Police Department/Animal Services $20.61/hr. 3/1/2023
Assistant County Administrator(PDF, 2MB) County Administrator's Office $6,817.20-$15,662.41/mo. (DOQ) Until Filled
Assistant District Attorney I, II, III(PDF, 145KB) District Attorney's Office $4,411.13-$7,649.20/mo. 3/1/2023
Auditor(PDF, 143KB) Legislative Auditor's Office $22.14-$28.96/hr. 3/1//2023
Building Inspector I(PDF, 145KB)  NRC/Building Inspection  $23.88/hr. 3/1/2023
Building Inspector II(PDF, 146KB)  NRC/Building Inspection  $27.06/hr. 3/1/2023
Building Trades Labor(PDF, 142KB)  Building and Logistics  $28.01/hr. 2/8/2023
Buyer(PDF, 142KB)  Procurement  $4,326.40-$5,785.87/mo. 2/8/2023
Classification Technician(PDF, 145KB) Sheriff's Office/Detention $19.79/hr. 3/1/2023
Court Clerk I(PDF, 144KB) Municipal Court $17.81/hr. 2/8/2023
Construction Worker I(PDF, 142KB) Public Works/WPC $24.72/hr. 3/1/2023
Correctional Specialist(PDF, 466KB) Sheriff's Office  $3,047.20/mo. Until Filled
Court Security Officer (Armed)(PDF, 144KB) Sheriff's Office $19.81-$25.90/hr.
Deputy(PDF, 728KB) Sheriff's Office $4,167.70/mo.
Director Of Community Development(PDF, 112KB) Community Development (D.O.Q.) Until Filled
Disease Intervention Specialist(PDF, 145KB)  Health Department  $4,062.93-$5,437.47/mo. 3/1/23
Engineer/Project Manager(PDF, 143KB)  Public Works/Engineering $4,062.93-$6,136.00/mo. 2/8/2023
 Engineer/Project (PDF, 144KB)Manager Public Works/WPC $4,062.93-$6,136.00/mo. 2/8/2023
Environmental Scientist(PDF, 143KB) Public Works/WPC $4,326.40-$5,785.87/mo. 3/1/2023
Environmental Scientist (Fog Coordinator)(PDF, 146KB) Public Works/WPC $4,326.40-$5,785.57/mo. 2/8/2023
Fiscal Support Assistant(PDF, 164KB) Finance/Treasury  $19.59/hr. 2/8/2023
Fiscal Support Assistant(PDF, 164KB)  Finance/ Treasury $19.59/hr. 3/1/2023
Fiscal Support Specialist(PDF, 163KB) Finance/Payroll $16.82-$21.40/hr. 2/8/2023
Fiscal Support Specialist(PDF, 140KB) Area Agency on Aging $16.82-$21.40/hr. 2/8/2023
 Fiscal Support Supervisor(PDF, 138KB) Finance/Treasury $3,433.73-$4,489.34/mo. 2/1/2023
Fire Communications Dispatcher(PDF, 144KB) Fire Department/Communications $22.07/hr.  Until Filled 
General Laborer(PDF, 145KB) Public Works/Street $20.79/hr. 2/8/2023
Groundskeeper I(PDF, 143KB) Parks and Recreation $21.33/hr. 3/1/2023
 Health Outreach Worker(PDF, 144KB) Health Department   $16.82-$21.40/hr. 2/15/2023
Human Resources Analyst (Benefits Analyst)(PDF, 141KB) Human Resources  $4,588.14-$6,136.00/mo.  Until Filled 
Information Systems Analyst(PDF, 148KB) NRC/Administration $4,326.40-$5,785.87/mo. 3/1/2023
Information Systems Coordinator (GIS Technical Lead)(PDF, 149KB) Knowledge Department/Geo Spatial Services $4,792.67-$6,541.60/mo. 2/8/2023
Instrument Tech Helper/Electrical Helper(PDF, 117KB) Public Works /WPC  $27.58/hr. 2/8//2023
Interim Deputy County Administrator(PDF, 1MB) County Administrator's Office  (DOQ) Until Filled
Intensive Supervision Officer(PDF, 143KB) Community Corrections/Pretrial Services  $24.96-$33.38/hr. 2/15/2023
Intensive Supervision Officer I(PDF, 144KB) Community Corrections/Juvenile   $24.96-$33.38/hr. 2/8/2023
Inspector I(PDF, 146KB)  NRC/Property Maintenance Compliance  $18.64/hr. 3/1/2023
Intern(PDF, 173KB) Planning and Urban Design $15.00/hr. 2/8/2023
Juvenile Detention Officer(PDF, 144KB) Sheriff/Juvenile $20.61/hr.
Juvenile Detention Officer (Part Time)(PDF, 144KB) Sheriff/Juvenile  $20.61/hr.  N/A
 Management Analyst(PDF, 146KB)  Health Department  $4,792.67-$8,463.87/mo. 2/8/2023 
Marina Specialist(PDF, 143KB) Parks and Recreation   $18.00/hr. 2/8/2023
Office Assistant III(PDF, 143KB) Police Department/Animal Services  $16.49/hr.  3/1/2023
Office Assistant III(PDF, 143KB) Police Department/Records $16.49/hr. 3/1/2023
Patrol Officer(PDF, 665KB) Police Department $4,149.60-$5,320.38/mo.
Plant Operator II(PDF, 146KB) Public Works/WPC $27.58/hr. 2/8/2023
Pre-Trial Coordinator(PDF, 143KB) Community Corrections/Pretrial Services $23.44-$31.37/hr. 3/1/2023
 Professional Assistant(PDF, 172KB) Purchasing  $19.81-$25.90. /hr. 2/8/2023
Professional Fiscal Assistant(PDF, 146KB) Finance/Payroll $19.81-$25.90/hr. 2/8/2023
Professional Program Assistant(PDF, 164KB) Public Works/ WPC $3,433.13-$4,489.34/mo. 2/8/2023
Program Aide(PDF, 140KB) Parks and Recreation  $15.63/hr. 2/8/2023
Program Coordinator (Mobile Medical Coordinator)(PDF, 168KB)  Health Department  $4,326.40-$5,437.47/mo.  2/22/2023
Program Specialist (Medical Assistant)(PDF, 138KB)  Health Department  $16.82-$5,437/mo. 2/22/2023
Program Specialist (Juvenile Intake Assessment Worker) FT(PDF, 146KB) Sheriff's Office/JIAC $25.22/hr. 3/1/2023
 Program (PDF, 144KB)Specialist Area Agency on Aging $16.82-$21.40/hr. 2/8/2023
Program Specialist(PDF, 143KB) Health Department/ WIC $17.36/hr. 2/15/2023
 Program Supervisor (Behavioral Health)(PDF, 140KB)  Community Corrections/Programs/Behavioral Health Court  $4,792.67-$6,541.60/mo. 2/15/2023
Prosecutor(PDF, 164KB) Legal/Prosecutor $4,588.14-$6,136.00/mo. 2/15/2023
Public Health Nurse(PDF, 144KB) Health Department/PHS $4,326.40-$5,785.87/mo. 2/22/2023
 Public Health Nurse (PDF, 160KB)Supervisor Health Department/PHS/TB  $4,792.67-$6,541.60/mo. 2/15/2023
Public Safety Dispatcher(PDF, 144KB) (PDF, 84KB) Police/Communications $21.42/hr. N/A
Recreation Specialist(PDF, 143KB) Parks and Recreation $16.11-$20.16/hr. 2/8/2023
911 Call Operator(PDF, 117KB) Police Department/Communications $20.25/hr. Until Filled
School Crossing Guard(PDF, 142KB) Parking Control $15.00/hr. 2/15/2023
Security Officer Armed(PDF, 146KB) Police Department/Security $19.81-$25.90/hr. 3/1/2023
Security Officer Unarmed(PDF, 145KB) Police Department/Security $16.82-$21.40/hr. 3/1/2023
Sewer Maintenance Worker(PDF, 143KB) Public Works/Water Pollution Control $20.65/hr. 3/1/2023
Special Health Projects Coordinator (Health Equity Taskforce Coordinator)(PDF, 145KB)  Health Department $4,792.61-$8,463.87/mo. 2/15/2023
Surveillance Officer(PDF, 146KB) Community Corrections/House Arrest $19.81-$25.90/hr. 3/1/2023
Surveillance Officer(PDF, 148KB) Community Corrections/House Arrest $19.81-$25.90/hr. 3/1/2023
Utility Maintenance Mechanic I(PDF, 145KB) Public Works/ WPC $20.65/hr. 2/8/2023