UG Cares Act Working Group



Wyandotte County received $37,330,934 in Phase I CARES Act funding from the State of Kansas for distribution among taxing entities, non-profits, and small businesses as support for their efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  Mayor/CEO David Alvey created the CARES Act Committee and tasked members with distributing these funds to local entities in a clear and transparent manner.

The Committee’s funding priorities are to Reimburse the Unified Government, Bonner Springs, and Edwardsville for allowable expenses; strengthen the ability for robust public health responses; improve the adaptability of taxing entities; grow requisite health and human services, and build community resiliency.  Funds may not be used to replace lost revenue, supplant budgeted expenses, or perform capital construction.  Committee members are:

  • Commissioner Angela Markley, Chair
  • Commissioner Melissa Bynum
  • Commissioner Jane Philbrook
  • Maureen Mahoney, Mayor/CEO David Alvey’s Office, Chief of Staff
  • Michael Webb, City of Edwardsville, City Manager
  • Matthew Zayas, City of Bonner Springs, Assistant to the City Manager
  • Alan Howze, Unified Government, Assistant County Administrator
  • Kathleen VonAchen, Unified Government, Chief Financial Officer
  • Juliann Van Liew, Unified Government, Public Health Department Director

The Committee is supported by a cross-functional planning team comprised of:

  • Crystal Sprague, CARES Act Planning Team, Manager
  • Deasiray Bush, CARES Act Planning Team, Finance
  • Lisa Rangel, CARES Act Planning Team, Administration
  • James Bain, CARES Act Planning Team, Legal
  • Robbie Anderson, CARES Act Planning Team, Metrics
  • Dave Reno, CARES Act Planning Team, Communications

The CARES Act Committee meets regularly via Zoom.  These meetings are open to the public.  To join a CARES Act Committee meeting, visit the Meetings Tab.  Meetings also appear locally on UGTV - Spectrum Channel 2 and Google Fiber Channel 141.

Do you have CARES Act Questions? We’re here to help!  Send your question to  Learn more about the CARES Act and the State of Kansas' actions with these resources:


12/01/2020 - WYCO Loves Local Awardee List:
English(PDF, 154KB) | Español

12/01/2020 - UG Distributes $825K in Grants to 85 Small Businesses:
English(PDF, 122KB) | Español(PDF, 119KB)

09/18/2020 - UG Announces $825K for Grants to Support Local Business:
English(PDF, 136KB) | Español

09/15/2020 - WyCo's Direct Aid & Reimbursement Plan Approved:
English(PDF, 169KB) | Español(PDF, 210KB)

08/12/2020 - CARES Act Education & Non-Profit Allocations
English(PDF, 488KB) | Español

08/12/2020 - CARES Act Allocations Approved in WyCo
English(PDF, 156KB) | Español(PDF, 150KB)


CARES Act sub-recipient awardees should use the following information to assist with reporting requirements.  Questions about reporting can be submitted via email to

Reporting Due Dates
Tuesday, November 3 - 3/1/20 - 10/31/20, Expenses
Thursday, December 3 - 11/1/20 - 11/30/20
Monday,  January 4 - 12/1/20 - 12/30/20, Close Out 
Thursday, January 14 - Reconciliation Final Reporting (including past expenses not captured in previous month)

Report Training Webinars, October 27
1:00 PM Webinar - Frequently Asked Questions
Password: Sb2FrTM.

2:00 PM Webinar
Password: +R2K@n4!

3:00 PM Webinar
Password: qQ5&?9FS

4:00 PM Webinar

Reporting Resources
Upload Your Reporting Documents
Excel Report Template and any receipts or spending documents considered as back-up verification of eligible spending

Training Webinar PowerPoint Slides(PDF, 769KB)


As part of their charge to distribute Phase I CARES Act funding in a clear and transparent manner, the CARES Act Committee has held all meetings in an open forum.  For community members who were unable to attend these meetings in real-time, recordings have been made available to view or download.  To view or download a CARES Act Committee meeting, follow the links below:

July 21 CARES Act Committee Meeting 
View recorded meeting
Password: %4yrsnp1

July 22 CARES Act Committee Meeting
View recorded meeting
Password: 7vZFh^zx

July 23 CARES Act Committee Meeting
View recorded meeting
Password: B2kfS?d7

July 24 CARES Act Committee Meeting
View Recorded meeting
Password: @*A79@K6

July 29 CARES Act Committee Meeting
View Recorded meeting
Password: 3Vd!lNra

July 30 Special Session
View Recorded meeting

July 30 Full Commission
View Recorded meeting

August 4 CARES Act Committee Meeting
View recorded meeting

August 5 CARES Act Committee Meeting
View Recorded meeting
Password: bE=Q?k2&

August 7 CARES Act Committee Meeting
View Recorded meeting
Password: GD8=@&!j

August 10 Full Commission Special Meeting
View Recorded Meeting