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Stabilization, Occupation, and Revitalization

An Initiative to Improve Quality of Life for Wyandotte County Residents Through
Appearance, Communication, and Safety

SOAR is a 5-year plan to confront some of the most pervasive challenges in the appearance, communication, and safety of Wyandotte County neighborhoods. It aims to address issues like vacant and abandoned homes, property maintenance, loose dogs, poorly maintained streets, a lack of trails and sidewalks, mowing frequency, graffiti, and more. SOAR also aims to improve government services like communication with the public and resident satisfaction in areas such as perception of safety.

Learn More
Learn more about SOAR's goals, progress, history, and more through the mySidewalk dashboard. You can also view specific goals and progress toward those goals on SOAR's Progress Dashboard.

How You Can Help
There are numerous programs and ways to get involved, but here are a few easy ways to help KCK SOAR:

  • Report - This can be anything from suspicious activity, to vacant buildings that need boarded, to illegal dumping. Use 911 in case of emergency, the non-emergency line for non-urgent law enforcement reports (913-596-3000), and 311 for everything else. 

  • Maintain your home, including the paint, roof, siding, and gutters. 

  • Maintain your yard, keeping it free of weeds, debris, litter, indoor furniture stored outside, and grass taller than 8 inches.

  • Make sure your pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and licensed with the city. Keep your pets fenced, leashed, or in your home. See Animal Services for more information. 

  • Remember to pay your property taxes on time. This can now be done online and you can even make monthly payments if you like. 

  • Encourage your neighbors to SOAR!

Invite SOAR to Speak
Invite the SOAR team to speak with your community group by contacting SOAR Coordinator Logan Masenthin via email or call 913-573-5356.

SOAR News & Events

  • SOAR in the News

    • September 2019 - Adopt-A-Spot Program Launched - The Unified Government is partnering with the Cities of Bonner Springs and Edwardsville to beautify parks, streets, and other public spaces in Wyandotte County. Adopt-A-Spot allows civic-minded groups to "adopt" public spaces in the community by holding litter clean ups and receiving a sign to recognize them in return. The program launched on September 28th at Leo Alvey Park, which is being adopted by Mayor Alvey and his family. Mayor John McTaggart of Edwardsville joined for the launch as well. Learn more and adopt a spot yourself at

    • September 2019 - The Unified Government partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City and the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors to put on the first ever "Rock the Block" event in Kansas City, Kansas. This event brought together over 200 volunteers to revitalize 12 homes in the Park Drive Neighborhood in KCK. Rock the Block was held on September 18th, 2019 and was covered by 41 Action News , KCTV5, and Fox4. View the Unified Government's video of the day as well. 

    • May 2019 - Mayor Alvey Calls on Community's Help to Reshape KCK - 41 Actions News highlighted Mayor Alvey's State of the Government Address and how neighborhoods are the top priority for the UG. Assistant County Administrator Melissa Sieben spoke on SOAR, why neighborhoods are vital, and the new Adopt-A-Spot program.

    • May 2019 - Code Enforcement Aims to Improve Neighborhoods' Appearance & Safety - Fox 4 News highlighted SOAR's latest effort to improve appearance and safety in the Park Drive Neighborhood by educating residents on property maintenance requirements and completing a strategic Code Enforcement effort in the area during the third week in May. 

    • March 2019 - Increase Fines for Code Violations - 41 Action News discussed the UG's latest effort to reduce blight by increasing fines for habitual violators who do not communicate with Code Enforcement.

    • January 2019 - SOAR Fighting Blight - 41 Action News covered SOAR's progress, the UG's vacancy registry, and Propertunity Knocks (Land Bank Rehab Program) with Assistant County Administrator Melissa Sieben.

    • September 2018 - KCK Registry- 41 Action News highlighted the UG's new vacancy registry, which will help track down negligent property owners and occupy more homes.

  • KCK's First "Rock the Block" - Over 200 volunteers revitalized 12 homes in the Park Drive Neighborhood as part of Habitat for Humanity's "Rock the Block" event on September 18th, 2019. This was the first ever Rock the Block event in Kansas City, Kansas and was held on 16th and 17th Streets between Wilson and Lowell. The project was supported through partnerships with the Unified Government, Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City, and the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors. View news coverage of the event from 41 Action News , KCTV5, and Fox4. View the Unified Government's video of the day as well. 

  • 18th Street Bus Route Opens - As part of the Park Drive Neighborhood Project, the UG opened its first new bus route in over 10 years. The new 118 18th St. route started January 2nd, 2019 and is the first all-day route from Kansas City, Kansas to Johnson County. It gets passengers from Quindaro Blvd. to 51st St. in Roeland Park in under 25 minutes. The bus runs hourly, every weekday from 5:30 am to 7:30 pm. See the new bus "cutting" the ribbon at a ceremony on January 8th.

  • Propertunity Knocks (Land Bank Rehab Program) Wins Award - The League of Kansas Municipalities awarded the Land Bank's Propertunity Knocks program their 2018 Inspire, Create, Innovate Community Award for Economic Development. The program was chosen for its innovation, public-private partnership model, and success in beautifying neighborhoods. The award was presented at the League's Annual Conference in Topeka on October 8th. Propertunity Knocks was also featured in the October 2018 issue of the Kansas Government Journal as part of the award.

  • Commission Presentations


SOAR-Related Programs

  • Litter & Illegal Dumping (LID) - SOAR's most recent collaborative effort to prevent litter and illegal dumping in the community.

  • Adopt-A-SpotAdopt-A-Spot allows civic-minded groups to "adopt" streets, parks, and other public spaces in Wyandotte County by holding litter clean ups and receiving a sign to recognize them in return. Learn more and adopt a spot yourself at

  • KCK Pet Help Program - The KCK Pet Help Program offers free and affordable pet services - including spay/neuter, microchips, and vaccinations. Call (913) 229-6121 or email to schedule an appointment. View their Facebook page to learn about upcoming events and deals.

  • KCK Police Department Crime-Fighting Initiatives - The Kansas City, KS Police Department has numerous juvenile engagement initiatives and targeted crime reduction programs to prevent crime and make the community a safer place.

  • kNOw LEAD KCK Program - Community Development and the Wyandotte County Health Department have partnered to offer lead remediation for KCK families through the Lead Hazard Control grant. Applications for assistance are available at the Community Development Office, 701 N 7th St Room 823 or the Wyandotte County Health Department at 619 Ann Ave. View this flyer to see if you qualify. For more information, call Community Development at (913) 573-5100.

  • Park Drive Neighborhood Project - The Park Drive Neighborhood project is a comprehensive place-based initiative meant to transform the Park Drive Neighborhood through strategic improvements, collaboration, and the designation of a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA).

  • Propertunity Knocks (Land Bank Rehab Program) - The Wyandotte County Land Bank Rehab Program is the UG's way of getting tax sale eligible homes that do not sell in the Tax Sale renovated and occupied. These homes are often blighted and vacant but become beautiful and vibrant once put through this successful program.