Property Maintenance Enforcement Process

What do I do if I get citied for a Property Maintenance Violation?

If you have a violation, you will receive a letter detailing the code violations found on your property. Make sure to read the entire letter because it will contain important information such as:

  • The case number (This is helpful when looking up your case online)

  • Date of inspection (This is the day they inspected your property)

  • Details of the violation/s (The letter will outline the violations they found on your property)

  • Re-Inspection Date (This is the date the inspector will return to make sure the violation has been corrected or if it has begun to be resolved)

  • Inspector phone number and email address (Keep track of your inspector's contact info and call them as soon as possible for any needed clarification)

When you first receive your letter or notice of a violation, it is best to let your inspector know of any circumstances that would make it difficult for you to bring your property up to code.

Can I get an extension on doing the work?

  • Extensions may be granted in some circumstances, but keep in mind, early and often communication with your inspector is the first step.

  • Contact your inspector as soon as possible if you are having trouble fixing the violation in time for your next inspection date. Find their contact info in the letter you received. You can always call (913) 573-8600 for help.

What can I do to be proactive?

  • Staying in contact with your inspector. Inspectors are there to work with you and answer any questions you may have.

  • If you reach out, make sure to leave a message with the best way to reach you. Our inspectors are usually out in the field so, please allow at least 72 hours for us to contact you back.

  • Ask for help if you need it. Waiting too long to ask for help can make the situation overwhelming and more difficult.

  • Livable Neighborhoods is great resource for information on maintaining your property. They can connect you with neighborhood groups who can provide a variety of resources and support for community members.

Read below to find out how our division works to address property Maintenance complaints in your neighborhood.

How We Receive Complaints

Complaints are received from community members, neighborhood groups, the police department and UG staff. If you choose to make a complaint, Property Maintenance Compliance will not reveal your information to anyone.

Our Process for Addressing Issues

  1. Each complaint received is logged into the computer system. The complaint is then assigned to a Property Maintenance Inspector. Each inspector is responsible for a different area of the city.

  2. Complaints are logged as they are received and added to the inspector’s route sheet. Our goal is to address the complaint within 5 days. Addressing the complaint means an inspector will view the property and determine if there is a code violation issue. If there is a code violation, the inspector will leave a placard noting the violation.

  3. Research is done on ownership and property history to find out the scope of the problem and who should be contacted for fixes.

  4. Notification is then sent to all interested parties and an appropriate amount of time is given to address the issue.

  5. A re-inspection date is scheduled when generating the letter and the property is re-inspected on that date unless the homeowner has called and asked for an extension.

  6. Once the case is corrected it is closed.

  7. If the case is not corrected, the inspector can issue a court summons or give an extension if an effort has been made but not yet completed.

How to Follow our Progress

You can follow a report, what has been reported or where the officer is in the process by entering the address where the violation is located on the website Citizen Access

Citizen Access provides up to date information for code enforcement complaints, building inspections, permits, and more.

Timelines to Fix the Issue

The amount of time given to address the problem depends on the type of violation. The deadline to fix the issue can be as little as 24 hours, 2 weeks, or up to a month.