Short-Term Rentals

Are you interested in hosting guests with Airbnb, VRBO, or similar service? These activities are a commercial use and require a Special Use Permit in the Unified Government. Current hosts should apply immediately. For more information, check out our new adopted short term rental ordinance as well as our presentation explaining the new short term rental ordinance:




Apply for a Special Use Permit

The Unified Government Short-Term Rental application is located below. Prior to applying for a short-term rental permit, you MUST first schedule a pre-application meeting with a member of Planning + Urban Design staff to determine the appropriate level of review. To schedule a pre-application meeting with a member of Planning + Urban Design Staff, please reach out to or call our office at (913) 573-5750.

Step 1.Complete and submit the application.

Check out the application(PDF, 1MB) and do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions. In addition to the signed and notarized application, you will need to submit a fee, affidavit of ownership, title report, and pictures. 

Step 2.Await application feedback.

Within five (5) business days of submission, a member of the Planning & Urban Design staff will review the application for completeness. If it is determined your application is incomplete, the department will provide in writing an explanation. If you do not receive any feedback within the five business days, the application will be considered complete.

Step 3.Host a meeting and notify the neighbors.

A neighborhood meeting is required for certain development applications to be conducted fourteen (14) days prior to the City Planning Commission meeting. When optional, applicants are encouraged by the Unified Government to meet with property owners who will be affected by the proposed changes.

Neighborhood Meeting Guidelines

Neighborhood meetings are required to be conducted fourteen (14) days prior to the City Planning Commission meeting for special use permits. The Planning & Urban Design Department can provide you with a sample letter to send out in advance of the meeting; an affidavit to be signed to confirm that the meeting was held; list of people to be notified within 200' of the property; list of possible meeting locations; and sample minutes to follow when taking minutes at the meeting.

Notice of Neighborhood Meeting

You must identify a location within Kansas City, KS and in close proximity to the proposed project. Opt for a public meeting place and hold the meeting in late afternoon/early afternoon to make it easier for neighbors to attend. Use this sample letter to write your letter to notice neighbors and make sure you mail the notices ten (10) days prior to the meeting date. 

Neighborhood Meeting

Provide a sign-in sheet and, if no one shows up at the start, please be sure to wait at least 30 minutes before leaving. Your presentation to neighbors should include accurate details/photos/plans for review, a question and answer period to address any concerns, detail who will be involved (clients, customers, etc.) and provide detailed information about operational activities.

After the Neighborhood Meeting

The following shall be sent to the Planning & Urban Design Department via email, fax or United States Postal Service or delivered in-person two (2) days after your meeting and twelve (12) days before the City Planning Commission meeting: sign-in sheet; minutes from meeting; affidavit confirming that the neighborhood meeting was conducted.

Step 4.Post a zoning sign.

We will provide you with a zoning sign which is important to the notification process about the upcoming public hearing. The following criteria will help you with placing the sign at your property:

  1. Place the sign conspicuously.
  2. Place the face of the sign parallel to the street.
  3. If there is a choice of streets, place the sign on the most traveled street.
  4. Post the sign so that it is legible above grass and shrubs.
  5. The sign should not be placed in the public right-of-way which typically begins at the fence line, utility line or sidewalk. When in doubt, place the sign at least 10 feet behind the edge of the street.
  6. The use of trees and fences near the right-of-way are ideal spots for posting the notice. If not available, use two tomato stakes or a realty-style sign are preferred.
  7. The sign must be posted at least 20 days prior to the public hearing and needs to be kept in place until the Planning Commission meeting.


Neighborhood Meeting Places

There may be a charge for some of these locations. There are also a variety of hotels throughout the city that can be contacted for room arrangements. Here's a list of possible venues for hosting your neighborhood meeting:

Venue Name  Address  Phone Number 
 FOP Lodge #4  7844 Leavenworth Road, KCK 66112  913-788-4367
 Leavenworth Road Association  6100 Leavenworth Rd, Ste. H, KCK  913-788-3988
 National Guard Armory  100 S. 20th Street, KCK 66102  913-279-7857
 Quindaro Community Center  2726 Brown Avenue, KCK 66101 913-321-5022
 Quindaro Democratic Club  6028 Leavenworth Road, KCK 66104 913-334-4600
 Sanctuary of Hope Retreat Center  2601 Ridge Avenue, KCK  913-321-4673
 Rosedale Development Association  1403 Southwest Boulevard, KCK 913-677-5097
 CHWC, Inc.  2 South 14th Street, KCK 66102 913-342-7580
 Wilhelmina Gill Multi-Service Center   645 Nebraska Avenue, KCK 913-621-4690
 Grinter State Historic Site  1420 South 78th Street, KCK 66112 913-299-0373
 National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame   630 Hall of Fame Drive, Bonner Springs, KS 66012  913-721-1075 
 Strawberry Hill Museum and Cultural Center  720 North 4th Street, KCK 66101  913-371-3264
 Kansas Speedway  400 Speedway Boulevard, KCK 66111  913-328-3300
 Dub's Dread Golf Course  12601 Hollingsworth Road, KCK 66109 913-721-1333
 Painted Hills Clubhouse 7101 Parallel Parkway, KCK 66112 913-334-1111
 Cabela's 10300 Cabela Drive, KCK  913-328-0322 
 Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall  600 North 7th Street, KCK 913-371-7555
 Wyandotte County Lake and Park 91st and Leavenworth Road, KCK 66109 913-596-7077
 KCK Community College Conference Center 7250 State Avenue, KCK 66112 913-288-7620
 Piper Unified School District #203 12036 Leavenworth Road, KCK 66109 913-721-2088
 Turner Unified School District #202 800 South 55th Street, KCK 66106 913-288-4100
 Kansas City, Kansas School District #500 625 Minnesota Avenue, KCK 66101 913-551-3200