Awards & Recognitions

Public Works Turner Diagonal Diverging Diamond Interchange Reconstruction

Turner Diagonal Interchange Reconstruction

The Turner Diagonal Interchange sits at the country’s crossroads – about a two-day drive from eighty-five percent of the US population. This location services 65,000 vehicles daily, twenty-five percent of which are trucks, and is close to other major highways. The new design of the interchange will now meet the community’s needs well into the future.

Public Works is proud to announce that our project has been awarded the 2021 Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association. It has also received regional recognition in America's Transportation Awards.

Public Works Kaw Point Wastewater Treatment Facility

Water Pollution Control

Public Works Water Pollution Control professionals responsible for operating and maintaining the Kaw Point Wastewater Treatment Plan received their first-ever Platinum Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA). The Kaw Point Plant was first recognized in 2016 with the Gold Award, celebrating one year of one-hundred percent permit compliance. The plant has not recorded a permit violation for the past five years, earning it the Platinum Award for its continued outstanding compliance record. Three other Public Works plants earned Gold Awards, recognizing facilities with no permit violations for the entire calendar year.

Safe Routes to School Program

Safe Routes to School APWA Award

Public Works was awarded the American Public Works Association (APWA) Award in 2017 for winning the Project of the Year in the $5M to $25 million structure category. This award was given in recognition of their efforts in coordinating the UG Public Works Safe Routes to School Sidewalk and Pedestrian Crossing improvements, as well as constructing a new school building at Frank Rushton Elementary, which was done by USD 500.


Peak Performance Awards

Water Pollution Control received the four Peak Performance Awards from the NACWA in 2016.

Treatment Plants Recognized:

  1. Kaw Point received a Gold Award.
  2. Plant 20 received a Silver Award.
  3. Plant 14 received a Silver Award.
  4. Wolcott received a Silver Award.

Peak Performance Awards:

  • Platinum Awards – 100% compliance with permit for five consecutive years.
  • Gold Awards – 100% compliance with permit for one year.
  • Silver Awards – Five or fewer violations in one year.

Merriam Lane Reconstruction Project

Public Works was awarded for the Merriam Lane Reconstruction and Improvement Project by the American Concrete Pavement Association’s annual conference on February 28th, 2017.

The project won in the category of best concrete overlays (streets and roads). It was the first phase of the Merriam Lane project, extending from S. 24th St. to S. 10th St.