Fleet Services

Fleet Services

The Fleet Services Division coordinates the maintenance operation for a mixed fleet of over 1300 units, e.g., automotive, trucks, specialty vehicles, commercial construction equipment, and ancillary equipment.

The division of over 30 full-time employees operates a maintenance shop for both heavy fleet and light fleet vehicles and equipment including sedans, light and heavy duty trucks, trailers, tractors and miscellaneous equipment that use fuel, have wheels and tires, and/or are operated on public streets and roadways.

The division also oversees the purchasing/leasing of all vehicles including the preparation of written specifications as well as all repairs and maintenance and auctioning/retiring of units as necessary.

The division performs vehicle and equipment repairs and routine maintenance including engine overhauls and tune-ups; brake, clutch and transmission repair and replacement; electrical system repair; hydraulic system repair; acetylene and arc welding; and tire mounting and repair.

Equipment up-fitting is done in-house, including Police and Sheriff vehicles and motorcycles.
Unleaded, diesel and propane fuels are made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.