Frequently Asked Questions

How long will construction take?

Uner the terms of the contract, construction must be substantially complete by September 27, 2019; or the contractor will incur liquidated damages. Barring adverse weather conditions or other unforseen circumstances that could negativley impact the schedule, the contractor currently expects to be done well in advance of that date.

Who is the owner of the construction project?

The first phase of the construction project consists of roadway improvements from N. 63rd Street to N. 38th Street.  This section of Leavenworth Road is also designated as State Highway K-5, which is owned by The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, KS maintains this portion of K-5 as part of a “City Connecting Link” agreement with KDOT.

How is this project funded?

The as-bid construction cost of the project is about $11.7 million. $6.96 Million of the construction cost will be funded with federal dollars.

Who is the contractor on the construction project?

Miles Excavating, Inc.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Questions or concerns? Contact Us.

Note: An inspector is always on-site and available to assist with urgent needs.

What impact will the construction project have on my property?

Impacts to individual properties will vary by property. Some property owners may expect to experience the removal of trees, bushes, and vegetation as well as grading and earthwork. Some property owners will experience the removal and replacement of driveways.

Will I have access to my driveway during construction?

Access to properties will be maintained throughout construction. During brief periods, it will be necessary to remove and reconstruct individual driveways. At which time, access will be restricted for generally 2-4 days. During this restriction, the contractor team will work with individual property owners to ensure suitable access to properties.