Leavenworth Road Modernization Project

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, KS (UG) is investing in a variety of improvements to Leavenworth Road from N. 63rd Street to N. 38th Street. The goal of the project is to improve safety and modernize the roadway.

The improvements include:

  • Adding continuous sidewalks on both sides of the road
  • Removing guard rail
  • Upgrading the storm drainage system
  • Updating street lighting
  • Replacing curb and gutters
  • Upgrading driveway entrances 
  • Adding new retaining walls at several locations
  • Adding a new pedestrian crossing with a traffic control device at N. 61st Street
  • Upgrading the pedestrian crossing and traffic control device at Welborn Elementary School
  • Upgrading pedestrian signals and push buttons at N. 59th Street
  • Upgrading traffic signals, pedestrian signals, and push buttons at N. 51st Street and N. 38th Street
  • Adding and modifying turn lanes at the N. 38th Street intersection


Leavenworth Road Modernization Project ImageLeavenworth-Rd-2.jpg

Leavenworth Road Modernization Project ImageLeavenworth-Rd-4.jpg


Leavenworth Road (state highway K-5) is an older arterial road that was built and upgraded with limited consideration for pedestrians.  Although it provides the only spine of transportation for a corridor greater than 1.5 miles wide, much of the infrastructure is outdated and in need of modernization.  The existing roadway has many reaches without sidewalk, limited shoulders, and difficult terrain adjacent to the roadside.  (2) schools fall directly along this corridor as well as multiple senior citizen residential facilities, many residents of which lack vehicles.  Without adequate sidewalks, the various communities along Leavenworth Road are, in a sense, isolated.  Construction of sidewalks together with the other proposed roadway improvements are a primary strategy to address the basic connectivity needs between centers of activities, to support economy vitality, and to create a livable community.

The UG in partnership with the Kansas Department of Transportation is undertaking the Leavenworth Road Modernization project to address these needs.  In this first phase, new sidewalks on both sides of the street will provide connectivity between extensive residential areas and the commercial zones at 51st, 55th, and 59th Streets as well as to churches, schools, and other services along the corridor.  The project will also will improve safety for children that walk to school, residents of the senior living facilities, and other residents and business patrons along the corridor.  With upgrades to traffic signals and additional turn lanes at key locations, safety and efficiency for motorists will also be improved. The provision of sidewalks and a safe roadway area are essential permanent benefits that not only remain themselves, but permanently change the character of the area.  It will lead to momentum for enhanced connectivity of sidewalk amenities in adjacent collector and local streets and prompt more pedestrian friendly redevelopment.

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