Meals on Wheels

Meals On Wheels

How Does Meals on Wheels Work?

The Meals on Wheels program is designed to improve and maintain the health of seniors. The meals meet one third of the recommended daily allowance for adults and have no added salt.

Participants have a choice of either hot or frozen meals. Hot meals are delivered once a day Monday through Friday. Frozen meal participants receive one box of five frozen meals, delivered once per week.


Meals are provided to seniors 60 years of age and older who are temporarily or permanently home bound due to physical or mental impairment. Seniors that are not home-bound are encouraged to participate at one of the nutrition sites.

Application Process

A person in need of Meals on Wheels must complete a home delivered meal application. We encourage applicants to have their application signed by their medical doctor. Upon receipt of a completed application, nutrition staff will schedule a home visit for assessment. This assessment will be completed and meals will be started within 10 working days.

Cancelling Meals

If it becomes necessary to cancel a scheduled meal that you call the nutrition office or dispatch by noon the day before the scheduled delivery.