Real Estate Tax Frequently Asked Questions

When are my property taxes due?

All property taxes are due by December 20th and delinquent after December 20th.

  • Bills are mailed out on November 1st.
  • If the total tax is at least $10, you can pay half by December 20th and the second half by May 10th without interest.
  • If the tax is less than $10, the amount must be paid in full.
  • Any personal property tax not paid by December 20th, the full amount is due plus interest.

Where can I pay my taxes?

Pay Online

Do I have to pay in cash?

  • When paying Online: we accept ACH, Electronic Check or Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only).

  • When paying in Person: we accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards. Make checks payable to "Unified Treasury".

  • When paying by Mail: we accept checks and money orders only.

We do not accept payments over the phone.

I did not get a bill. How can I find out what my taxes are?

Look it up by using the property address, parcel number, or Owner ID/Name ID online with the myWyco App.

Or call the Treasury Office at (913) 573-2823. Please verify the mailing address if we are to mail a new bill.

Do I have to pay the entire amount due? I am a little short at this time.

No. Partial payments and half payments are now accepted at this web site. Enter the amount you are paying in the Partial Payment box. To figure your half payment, divide Original Tax by 2.

I did not get a bill. Do I have to pay the interest and other charges?

Interest charges of less than $1 can be removed. Otherwise, the interest must be paid. If you believe your circumstances to be unusual, you can pay the taxes and file a grievance. If the Board of Tax Appeals agrees, we will refund the interest. As a matter of practice, we never agree that the interest should be waived.

I have not made payments on taxes on a real estate parcel for a while. When will the government take the property to sell?

The general rule is that residential property must be delinquent three years before it can be included in a judicial foreclosure sale. For other types of real estate, a shorter delinquency period applies. The calculation of delinquency begins on the first Tuesday in September of the year following the levy year of the tax and continues from that date. Thus, if a Wyandotte County residence owes 1997 taxes, that property can be included in a Judicial Foreclosure Sale after September 2, 2001.

Just because a property may be included in the tax sale does not mean it will be included. Other properties selected for inclusion may prevent staff from including a particular parcel since only a limited number may be sold at any particular tax sale.

What interest rate do you charge? Are there any other penalties for failing to pay timely?

The interest rate is set by statute and varies according to the market rates in the economy. The current interest rate is 12 percent. It has been 12 percent for 1998, 1999, and 2001. For the year 2000, the rate was 11 percent. The interest rate is subject to being changed at six-month intervals.

An advertising fee is also added to delinquent real estate taxes. By law, if current-year taxes are unpaid as of a date in July, the specifics of that parcel must be published in a paper of general circulation for three consecutive weeks preceding the first Tuesday in September. Once that parcel is listed in the paper, an advertising fee of $16 is to be added to the taxes subject to being collected.