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WYCO Loves Local

The Unified Government is excited to announce the new initiative to highlight local small businesses, WYCO Loves Local. The initiative is created in order to encourage continued growth and support of small businesses in Wyandotte County. WYCO Loves Local will celebrate the success and diversity of businesses in Wyandotte County.

WYCO Loves Local Highlight Guidelines
1. Business must be located in Wyandotte County.
2. Business must have less than 20 employees.
3. Must not have any current code violations.
4. Business must have current occupational tax paid.
5. Business must be current on property taxes (if applicable).

Business Highlight includes:
1. Feature in Unified Government E-News, Livable Neighborhoods Newsletter and other partnerships as they develop.
2. Option to offer specials for the week of the feature or a particular day during the week.
3. Full Details of Business (Name, Location, website, Contact information & picture of your choice)
4. 200 words to describe services provided by business.

Promotion of the program
1. The Program will be promoted through the Unified Government website.
2. Resource partners will share the information with their networks.
3. Small Business Liaison will promote event WYCO Loves Local at Community Events.

Selection Process
1. Businesses will submit application for highlight to include all the details needed.
2. Small Business Liaison will review applications for eligibility.
3. If business meets the criteria, Small Business Liaison will contact business to schedule date of highlight.
4. Small Business Liaison will conduct a follow-up with the business to gather data on the success of the highlight.
5. The UG reserves the right to request additional information, make additional stipulations, and/or deny business highlight.

WYCO Loves Local Application