Who's on the Ballot?

Polling Place Voting Hours: 7:00AM - 7:00PM on Election Day
Government-issued photo identification required

Voting on Election Day

  1.   Check in at the poll book station
  2.   Get a ballot
  3.   Vote your ballot
  4.   Take your ballot to the ballot box and deposit it
  5.   Depart 

To vote, you must show a government-issued photo ID. Photo ID must include your name and photo. We will ask you to state your current address.


You may use any of the following documents as photo identification for voting in Kansas:

  •     Driver's License or ID Card issued by any state or district of the United States
  •     U.S. passport
  •     Student ID Card issued by an accredited Kansas college or university
  •     U.S. military ID
  •     Government employee badge or ID
  •     Concealed carry license issued by any state or district of the United States
  •     Public assistance ID issued by a municipal, county, state or federal government office

If you are age (65+), you may use an expired photo ID.

Persons with established religious beliefs that prohibit photography may be exempt from the photo ID requirement. If you claim this exemption, you must submit a completed Form DRO, Declaration of Religious Objection, before each election or before receiving a ballot. A Declaration of Religious Objection is not accepted if you have already voted.

At My Polling Place

The location of your polling place is shown on your Certificate of Voter Registration.  If you have lost or misplaced your card, you can find your polling place information online at VoterView, or call the Election Office: P: (913) 573-8500. We will send you a replacement Certificate of Registration upon request.

On Election Day, you must vote at your assigned polling place. The address where you live determines your polling place. If you vote at the wrong polling place, your ballot may not count.

When you arrive at your polling place, you will be directed by a greeter to the poll book check-in table. We will ask you to show your photo ID and state your name and address.

If your name and address are correct in the poll book, you will sign the poll book. We will give you a ballot ticket you take to the ballot table. We will give you an un-voted ballot.



The instructions for voting your ballot are printed on the ballot:
  •     Mark your choices by filling in the ovals.
  •     If you make an error, ask us to give you another blank ballot.
  •     Review your voted ballot.
  •     Deposit your ballot in the ballot box. 

Please ask for assistance if you are having difficulty with marking your ballot.


Touch Screen Voting


A touch screen is provided for disabled voters. You may be given the option of using a
touchscreen if there is no one waiting to use it. The touch screen is simply a ballot marking
device. It does not count your ballot.


The instructions for voting on the touch screen are provided on the screen:

  •     Mark your choices by touching the boxes next to your choices.
  •     If you make an error, touching the screen in the same box erases the error.
  •     Choose the boxes you intended.
  •     Review your voted ballot on the review screen.
  •     Touch the screen in the box for PRINT BALLOT.
  •     Review your printed ballot.
  •     Deposit your printed ballot in the ballot box.


Provisional Ballot Voting

You may be required to vote a provisional ballot for any of the following reasons:
  •     Your name is not found in the poll book;
  •     You have gone to the wrong polling place;
  •     Your name or address in the poll book is not correct;
  •     An advance ballot by mail was sent to you; or
  •     You did not show an accepted form of photo identification.

When you have completed marking your provisional ballot, insert it and seal it in a blue provisional ballot envelope.  Take it to the election official who gave it to you. The information you provide on the envelope will be used to update your voter record.

Voter Registration
Early Voting
Absentee Voting by Military & Overseas Civilians